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Changes in SK roster for 2005

By Andreas 'bds' Thorstensson
Jan 2, 2005 10:17

The 1st January was the date most of you will remember as the day the SK.SWE team was changed dramatically with the former players re-founding NiP. Actually SK-Gaming is not the team to overreact on matters like this, but the number of comments and the situation itself taught us it was necessary to go public with some information that seems to valid for you guys out there.

First we should make it official.
at 31st December, contracts with the players Wizard, Spawn, Heaton, Ahl, Fisker and Potti ran out. Hyper still is under contract within SK-Gaming, so the statement from Heaton is partly true. Right now we are talking to Hyper as he mentioned his wish to get out of the contract before it runs out, just as Element did in 2004.
Whole SK-Gaming crew wishes our former players all the best in their new teams and is looking forward to see them at upcoming events.
At this moment we are looking for the CS.SWE lineup for 2005 and will go public with it later in January.
In the next days we will present all lineups that will compete in all major events 2005 under the flag of SK-Gaming.



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