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ESC Gaming are IEM 6 World Champions

By Natasha 'tashaa' L
Mar 10, 2012 13:34

ImageESC are IEM 6 World Champions following a two map win over two time defending champions Na`Vi in the final. They won $50,000.

The Golden Five have managed to take the IEM World Championship trophy once again, snatching it away from two times consecutive winners Natus Vincere. Fate was secured with two close wins over the Ukrainians, 16-11 train and 16-14 mirage.

The battle for the IEM6 World Championship throne started out on PL ESC's map choice – train. UA Na`Vi started the match off on the easier CT side and won the opening pistol to get the first few rounds on the scoreboard. Immense play by UA markeloff and his beloved AWP allowed Na`Vi to take the lead at 8-4, but with ESC fighting for their second IEM trophy they managed to put two more rounds on the scoreboard before the first half ended, showing tremendous terrorist side tactics to get a decent amount of rounds. This left Na`Vi looking to be in deep waters with the first half ending 9-6 in their favour, with too many rounds being lost.

Second half pistol proved why PL neo is often regarded as one of the strongest players in the world, seeing four headshots onto the Ukrainians to independently take the pistol round for his team. The remaining rounds headed more and more towards the Poles victory with their defence strategies being faultless. It was clear that Na`Vi couldn't match up to ESC's terrorist side play as they only picked up another two more rounds in the second half, with the last round forcing the Ukrainians to do a failed deco, giving ESC their first map point towards becoming the World Champions with a 16-11 victory on train.

ImageNext map was the Ukrainians choice – mirage. Winning the knife round, the Ukrainians abruptly picked the slightly easier CT side and won the first pistol. Second round saw ESC attempt to buy, but UA ceh9 had other ideas as he clutched a 1v3 situation. Next few rounds saw ESC's tactic of buying up again pay off as they took a slight lead 3-2 until the Ukrainians fought back desperately, giving ESC a mere two more rounds to end the first half 10-5.

Going into the second half ESC took the pistol round after Na`Vi attempted to get into the B site but PL neo delayed access. It didn't take long for them to claw the scoreline back, leaving a gap of just one as they went 4-0 up with overall score at 10-9 in Na`Vi's favour. Just as Na`Vi appeared to be sinking they managed to grasp the next two rounds, but it didn't take long for ESC to retaliate to the two lost rounds leaving UA ceh9 in a 4v1 situation with red health. In a tricky situation, the underdog managed to take down three of ESC with precise aim, but with just taz and him remaining, the Pole peeked out to take the remaining Ukrainian down to take the score to 10-12 in Na`Vi's favour. At 12-13, it was MVP pasha who saved the day to even the score after a 1v2 clutch saw him defuse the bomb with low HP, giving ESC the much needed motivation to win the map after evening the score at 13-13. The next two rounds also went towards the Golden Five's victory, with the match point being given after the Ukrainians were forced to eco due to a previous failed buy round. This left Na`Vi viciously fighting for the draw as they managed to pick up another round, but ESC secured the victorious win after UA markeloff was left to defend for himself versus three Poles, with PL taz finishing him off to take the win 16-14 and become IEM World Champions once again.

IEM6 World Championship Grand Final
PL ESC Gaming 2:
0 UA Natus Vincere (16-11 train, 16-14 mirage)

This is the second time that the Golden Five have won the IEM World Championship, a tournament where they just managed to scrape in having won a last chance cup with FR Electronic Sahara .

IEM6 World Championship final standings:
1. PL ESC Gaming - $50,000

2. UA Natus Vincere - $20,000
3. SE Lions swe - $8,000
4. SE SK Gaming - $3,800
5-6. SE Fnatic - $2,800
5-6. RU Moscow Five - $2,800
7-8. CN TyLoo - $2,200
7-8. FI WinFakt Fi - $2,200
9-10. DE mousesports - $2,100
9-10. BR semXorah - $2,100
11-12. DK Anexis - $2,000
11-12. FR Electronic Sahara - $2,000


IEM6 World Championship Most Valuable Player
PL Jarosław 'pasha' Jarząbkowski


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