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PC gaming industry booms in 2011

By Pieter 'Shark3D' Cortebeeck
Mar 11, 2012 13:30

ImageEven though the global economy is still suffering from recession, the gaming industry continues its massive boom. PC gaming remains the biggest source of income by a huge margin. Tencent/Riot Games have managed to get the biggest slice of the cash pie.

The PC Gaming Alliance has released their research numbers for 2011.
The results are massive, and it appears that the world has spent 18.6 billion dollars on PC games last year, growing the market by more than 15%! Stronger still, the PC gaming juggernaut is projected to continue growth towards a 25.5 billion dollar market in 2015.

While this may seem surprising against the backlighting of a global recession, it's important to note that during the great depression of the 1930's, movie theatres saw revenue soar. A trend that continued for at least two more decades.
This is largely attributed to the fact that in times of [economic] peril, people will continue spending hard on entertainment and leisure in order to ease their troubled minds.

The biggest global success story is Tencent's acquisition of a majority share in Riot Games for 400 million dollars. By november 2011, Riot Games was boasting more than 11 million monthly active players. This is an absolutely staggering number, testament to the unrivaled popularity of League of Legends.

"Once full numbers are presented for 2011, it is expected that Tencent will have surpassed Activision Blizzard as the company that generates the most revenue from PC games."


At this rate of growth, it wouldn't be unrealistic to see the total prize pool for League of Legends season three far exceed the massive $5.000.000 in place for the current season, propelling competitive gaming even further into the global limelight.

Source: PCGA Press Release PDF.

Image by Escapist Magazine.

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If you came here from Reddit and felt the article was ambiguous, please refer to this comment.
I wrote it to explain myself. Warning: It's longer than the actual newsitem.



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