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Merchanting Is Always A Good Way To Make Money In A Game

By 'Selinna'
Mar 9, 2012 04:07

Merchanting is always a good way to make money in a game. It is no except in runescape gold. You don’t need to farm hard in a dungeon, or kill monsters for a long time, you make generate many RuneScape gold easily. Now I will tell you how to realize this.
Before merchanting, think about items that you constantly buy. These items include arrows, bolts, runes, food, and F2P weapons. These are the type of items that you are going to be “flipping”, which is the easiest way to merchent. All it requires is 5-10 minutes each day at the Grand Exchange. What you need do to flip an item is just to buy runescape gold, and put it right back into the Grand Exchange, and then go about your business.
Because the Grand Exchange requires a certain wait time on when an item can sell after it is bought, you can just go and play RuneScape as you normally would, then log in the next day to take your cash, and re-invest it, wait a day, and repeat. No time waste, just take your rs gold, what a good thing!
Keep this in mind, you need to keep your eyes open to find the right times. And you need to test if it is a feasible time for merchant. This means buying 100 or so of the item at a very low price. Just click the button to set it to lowest or medium price. This is because the person you are buying the item from is most likely to sell the item by clicking one of those buttons on the GE interface.



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