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WinFakt destroy fnatic

By Natasha 'tashaa' L
Mar 7, 2012 11:44

ImageWinFakt have stormed over fnatic in their second match of the day, downing them 16-3 on tuscan. Moscow Five gains close win over Electronic Sahara.

FI WinFakt Fi has gained an early advantage in Group B after downing favourites SE Fnatic 16-3 on tuscan. Having won the pistol the Finns went up 6-0 until a retaliation by Sättermon's team to take their first round. In the tenth round, it appeared fnatic were throwing away the rounds as H^N and aslak were seen to clutch a 4v2 situation. The first half ended 13-2 thanks to WinFakt's fast aggressive pushes on the extremely passive fnatic.

The second half saw SE Fnatic see light as they took the opening pistol round, but a second round deagle buy WinFakt crushed the glimmer of hope as they went on to take the remaining rounds needed, giving them their second win of the day 16-3.

Group B
FI WinFakt Fi16:
3 SE Fnatic (tuscan)

RU Moscow Five played their first match of the day against French side FR Electronic Sahara who also had slight roster changes for the championship. Playing on nuke, the match appeared to be one sided with eSahara winning first half 11-4 as terrorist side with M5 struggling with defence. Second half saw the Russians wake up seeing great play by brothers RU Mihail 'Dosia' Stolyarov and RU Sergey 'Fox' Stolyarov to bring the score back and eventually take the win 16-14, a commendable comeback.

Group B
RU Moscow Five 16:
14 FR Electronic Sahara (nuke)



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