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IEM6 Game one play by play: CLG versus Dignitas.

By Pieter 'Shark3D' Cortebeeck
Mar 6, 2012 16:56

ImageIf you missed this dazzling first match of the day or simply want to revisit, this play by play will suit your needs. Let's dive in!

The first League of Legends game of the Extreme Masters VI World Championships in DEHannover saw two North American giants pitted against each other.
The first team, CACounter Logic Gaming , is as old as competitive League of Legends. Despite not having marked up any tournament victories since adding USPeter 'DoubleLift' Peng to their lineup, they will always be considered a serious contender at any event. They're also flying to South Korea immediately after Hannover, to participate in OnGameNet's new league called "The Champions", featuring a prize pool of close to $180,000.

The second team, USTeam Dignitas has built up a host of offline experience since just barely missing out on the qualification for the LoL Season One Championship, when they were still known as Team Rock Solid. The innovative and unconventional strategies and playstyle haven't changed however, and they recently had a dominant showing at the Curse $20,000 invitational tournament.

The game started right on schedule, and the teams wasted no time getting the drafting phase underway.
Bans and picks were as follows, with Dignitas having first pick/ban.

DIG: Rammus, Udyr, Ryze
CLG: Shen, Cassiopeia, Lee Sin

DIG: Janna, Corkie&Shyvana, Mordekaiser&Nidalee
CLG: Dr.Mundo&Alistar, Blitzcrank&Swain, Urgot

Top: USJoe 'Voyboy' Esfahani on Nidalee versus CAGeorge 'HotshotGG' Georgallidis on Swain.

Mid: USWilliam 'scarra' Li on Mordekaiser versus CAMichael 'bigfatlp' Tang on Urgot.

Jungle: USChristian 'I Will Dominate' Rivera on Shyvana versus USBrandon 'Saintvicious' DiMarco on Dr. Mundo.

Bottom: USMichael 'Imaqtpie' Santana on Corkie & USPatrick 'L0cust' Miller on Janna versus
USPeter 'DoubleLift' Peng on Blitzcrank & USSteve 'Chauster' Chau on Alistar.


1:55: CLG takes the initiative as they invade Dignitas’ jungle, using Blitzcranks rocketgrab to pull the Blue Golem into the five of them.
Unfortunately for CLG, the Blue Golem leashes and they lose quite some time, but SaintVicious succeeds in stealing it and gets away clean around 2:30.
Dignitas opts for a safe start, and IWillDominate has a normal Shyvana route at his own wraiths and Lizard Elder.

5:30: SaintVicious hits level four before IWillDominate as he takes down CLG’s Lizard Elder.
Meanwhile IWillDominate is putting a lot pressure on CLG with attempted ganks, but it doesn’t lead to any kills.
SaintVicious then uses the red buff to gank mid twice in a row, forcing Scarra to burn flash the first time, and catching him pants down the second time to get firstblood with the help of Bigfatjiji.

9:55: The firstblood bounty is used to buy an early oracle, and SaintVicious clears the ward in the top tribrush, putting lots of pressure on Voyboy who loses vision of incoming ganks.
Less than a minute later, SaintVicious ganks and kills Voyboy top together with HotShotGG, and picks up the second kill of the game.
Dignitas react quickly and pick up the first dragon of the game.

12:55: DoubleLift hits a nice hook on bottom lane, qtpie fails to escape with valkyrie because of good rocketfist timing and L0CUST is forced to burn monsoon to save him.

14:10: IWillDominate ganks bottomlane from the sidebrush and surprises CLG. He kills off Chauster with help from qtpie and L0CUST, and keeps chasing Doublelift, ultimately towerdiving him and picking up the doublekill. CLG is too slow to respond.

14:52: Bigfatjiji and Scarra engage in a brawl middle to test their relative strength, but SaintVicious comes in from behind to turn it into a gank. CLG uses double exhaust on Scarra and he dies from Bitfatjijis heavy damage output with Urgot. SaintVicious does little damage to Scarra but picks up the kill nonetheless, giving him a 3-0 score.

17:30: Dignitas has perfect timing and kill the dragon almost immediately after it spawns, CLG can’t even contest.

18:15: SaintVicious ganks mid yet again, Scarra has no answer and goes 0-3 as Bigfatjiji finally picks up his first kill.

19:00: qtpie gets hooked and chaindisabled by Chauster and Doublelift. Chauster picks up the kill and the score is two to five in favour of CLG.

19:25: Hotshot and Voyboy trade heavy damage, Voyboy disengages and both run away with very low health.

19:55: IWillDominate tries to gank bottom, takes Chauster to half health very quickly, but fails to get the kill due to not waiting for his teammates to arrive.

21:00: Voyboy and HotShot trade heavy damage yet again, and IWillDominate comes in from his own tower. HotShot is chased all the way to his tower but dies before reaching safety, as Voyboy picks up the kill. The score is now three to five in favour of CLG.

21:55: qtpie gets hooked into tower and knocked up once again, L0CUST forced to burn monsoon and stormshield to save him.

22:50: Voyboy completes triforce and starts putting a ton of pressure on HotShot.

23:30: Both teams have dragon timing and gather up to contest it. A standoff ensues where both teams shuffle around, but then Doublelift rocketgrabs Scarra into the dragon room. Scarry is forced to burn his flash and gets out of harms way instantly.

Mere seconds later, IWillDominate sees HotShot is out of position and jumps in with dragon form.
Dignitas instantly melt HotShot with Scarra picking up the frag. Doublelift also goes down, and the double kill goes to Scarra. The remaining members of CLG are forced to retreat with very low health.
Dignitas wins the first big teamfight of the game and picks up their third dragon of the game in addition to two kills.

25:15: Scarra is caught out by CLG and a 3v3 fight unfolds near the baron area. Jiji picks up the kill on Scarra, but meanwhile Voyboy sneaks round back and makes it an even trade by picking off Chauster. Everyone else backs off.

27:40: Dignitas goes in for the middle tower and a 4v4 fight unfolds, the tower goes down but Hotshot picks up the double on IWillDominate and QTpie. CLG immediately tries to convert the double kill into securing Baron and start working on his healthbar, meanwhile only Voyboy is near for Dignitas. Scarra and L0CUST quickly arrive at the Baron area and it’s now a 3v5.

Scarra gets hooked into the Baron room by Doublelift but instantly kills him and makes his escape with low health. Chauster chases Scarra but drifts too far from his team and gets killed. Scarra then turns around to repeat Chausters mistake, and makes chase on HotShot. The latter bursts him down with the help of Bigfatjiji whos low health doing heavy damage across a wall. Everyone that hasn’t died at this point backs away, with Nashor still alive.

30:30: After regrouping and fiddling around, both teams clash near baron. L0CUST gets rocketgrabbed by Doubelift but survives using monsoon, knocking Bigfatjiji out of position in doing so. Dignitas instantly melts Jiji and then switch their damage output to Chauster who's in a bad position and perishes aswell. The rest of CLG make their escape.

Dignitas then moves onto Baron, prompting the remaining players of CLG to action. Voyboy picks up a third kill on HSGG as CLG tries to contest baron with only three players. Dignitas finish off Nashor, and convert it into a quadrakill for Voyboy as they destroy SaintVicious who failed to smitesteal.

33:15: Dignitas starts pushing mid armed with Baron buff. A lot of poke is exchanged, but it's very scary to push for Dignitas because of rocketgrab, so they patiently wait for a window of opportunity and they continue safely pushing.

34:15: Soon enough said window opens as Dignitas towerdives the entire CLG team and annihilate everyone but Chauster. They proceed to rush CLG's base, destroying everything in their path.

35:00 CLG's Nexus goes down, bringing us the first GG of the tournament.

MVP for this match: USChristian 'I Will Dominate' Rivera.
While new to the competitive circuit, IWD showed the world in this game that he has what it takes to be at the top.
In spite of not having the first blue buff he still got to level three quickly, and put tons of pressure on all of CLG's lanes early on.
Scarra mentioned in the post-game interview that IWD also fed him every wraithcamp from the second one on, allowing Scarra to keep up on farm in spite of the heavy ganks he was getting.
When SaintVicious first ganked top he immediately called for killing the dragon, resulting in two uncontested dragon pickups for his team.
His initiations later in the game were always spot-on and he played his part to perfection.



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