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'I Heart LoL' Photo Contest announced

Mar 3, 2012 13:18

ImageYou love league of legends? You are creative and into taking pictures? Then you should definitely consider taking part in the “I Heart LoL” Photo Contest. Check out this post for further instructions of how to be a part of the fun.

Summoners all over the world daily submit hundreds of great artworks, videos and so many other things related to League of Legends to show how much they embrace the game. But this contest is about sharing & showing this love to everyone.

The challenge of the “I Heart LoL” Photo Contest is the following:

Take a Photo Showing the World How Much You Love League of Legends!

Starting now until March 20th at 07:59 (UK time) Riot's inviting all of you to select three photographers to the “I Heart LoL” Photo Contest. These photos should show all of your excitement for anything concerning either League of Legends or Riot Games. To see examples of what kind of tremendous artworks Riot are looking forward too, here are all the winning pictures of last year's Logo Lookout contest.

Image Image

The priority of this contest is being creative and using your imagination, traditional art should be avoided.

Here are the guidelines:

・ Must be related to League of Legends or Riot Games.

・ Must be a hi-res photo at 1280x720 resolution or higher.

・ Take at least 3 photos for your submission!

・ It must be a picture you took of something you created yourself or with a friend!

・ Bigger is better! Try to reach an audience or show your love in the loudest way possible. Make a splash!

・ This should be a real life photo, so step away from traditional art! We’re looking for something more bombastic than art on canvas or a sculpture.

・ No inappropriate content! These entries must be suitable for all ages.

・ You can collaborate with lots of people, but only 5 will be credited per submission.

・ Spending lots of money does not guarantee a win! Creativity and execution outweighs how many RP cards you have a picture of.

・ It must be made for this contest, nothing you created or took a picture of before.

・ If you edit a photo (like color correction) include the original photo. Minor touchups on your photo only! (NO adding objects, editing together a collage, etc.)

・ Try not to include any commercial products not related to League of Legends. Hide your soda and avoid showing the logo on your favorite shirt!

・ Photos must be submitted in JPG, JPEG, or PNG format.

The most creative, exciting and quality and photos will be rewarded with Riot Points and awesome prizes from Riot's friends over at NVIDIA, JiNX and Gamer Food.

Here's an overview of the prizes:

10 Grand Prize winners will receive:
・ NVidia GTX 560 1gb video card
・ $25 Gamer Food Gift Certificate
・ 15,000 Riot Points

10 Summoner’s Choice winners will receive:
・ $50 Gift Certificate
・ $25 GamerFood Gift Certificate
・ 7,000 Riot Points

10 Honorable Mention winners will receive:
・ $25 GamerFood Gift Certificate
・ 4,000 Riot Points

Submit your pictures with your summoner name, any collaborators, and region to with the subject line:
[Your Summoner Name]-[Your Region]-I Heart LoL Contest
Example: MsPudding – NA – I Heart LoL Contest

Your entries must be received by 07:59 (UK Time) on March 20th.

If you have any further questions, here are the Official Rules. Addiotionally, here's the new FAQ, check it out and feel free to post your questions in the announcement forum thread.

Source - League of Legends Official Website



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