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Dota 2 receives a new update

By Hendrik 'chsn' De Backer
Mar 2, 2012 11:58

ImageLooks like Valve is back on track with their regular beta updates on Thursdays. Bane has been added to the official version and the Test version also receives new updates.

Since Dota 2 now has two versions, there are actually two changelogs out there. The most recent changelog is implemented in the Test version, the one released last week is implemented in the stable version.

Here's a part of the most recent changelog:

- Enabled Bane in Captain's Mode.
- Bane: Fixed the attack timing on when Nightmare gets transfered.
- Bane: Fixed Enfeeble working on Roshan
- Bane: Fixed being unable to attack allied Nightmared heroes to transfer the debuff.
- Batrider: Fixed being unable to easily pull units over cliffs with Flaming Lasso.
- Batrider: Fixed timing of Firefly damage ticks.
- Batrider: Fixed rounding error with Firefly damage ticks.
- Bloodseeker: Fixed Rupture hurting cycloned units.
- Chen: Fixed Holy Persuation interrupting allied channeling spells on cast (rather than upon tping).
- Death Prophet: Fixed Exorcism hitting an invisible hero if the hero was hit before.
- Death Prophet: Fixed Silence not affecting basic units.
- Dragon Knight: Fixed Elder Form's Corrosive Breath and Frost Breath working with DK illusions.
- Faceless Void: Fixed Courier interaction with Chronosphere
- Jakiro: Macropyre now does the correct amount of damage with a Scepter.
- Jakiro: Fixed Macropyre not hurting siege units.
- Omniknight: Fixed Repel canceling Ursa's Overpower.
- Outworld Destroyer: Fixed Astral Imprisonment being able to cause you to lose mana regeneration.
- Pugna: Fixed Netherward mana degen not showing the proper numbers for players.
- Spirit Breaker: Fixed Netherstrike vs cycloned units.
- Tinker: Fixed Rearm refreshing level 2 and 3 of Necronomicon.
- Ursa: Fixed Fury Swipes incrementing when the attack missed.
- Vengeful Spirit: Fixed Wave of Terror hp loss not properly functioning on magic immune units.
- Warlock: Fixed Golem being considered a creep for some spells like Paralyzing Casks.
- Attributes can no longer fall below 1.
- Fixed some issues with negative mana regeneration.
- Fixed Basher stacking with Spiritbreaker/Slardar/Faceless Void's bashes.
- Fixed Armlet not draining life while you are magic immune.
- Fixed couriers not being able to use wards.
- Fixed temporary trees (like Sprout) not respecting the pause.

As you can see a lot of balance fixes have been taken care of. The most interesting addition however, are the 5 bans in CM mode. Perhaps this might be too soon as we already see the same heroes being picked and banned most of the time. A countdown has also been added when unpausing the game.

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As you probably have noticed, SK Gaming has been really active in building out their LoL editorial team. Expect the same to happen soon for Dota 2 in the near future! So if you're interested in Dota 2, hang around and perhaps you get a chance to help out and become a part of SK Gaming.

Source: Dota 2 Blog



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