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Cyberarena officially announces Starladder

By Maik 'Onin' Biekart
Feb 27, 2012 20:00

ImageLast evening officially announced the Bloodline Champions league, to officially launch three days from now.

After a multitude of delays, the site has finally updated with an official countdown towards the launch of the Bloodline Champions league, and with it announced the details of the league, along with the final invited teams.

Firstly, qualification for the Star Series is divided into two separate opportunities: aside from the Open Qualifiers, which will be run from the website, make use of their tournament systems, and decide 4 of the available qualification spots, another 4 will be decided through the in-game tournament system on the Russian client. Sadly, these latter spots may only be filled by eligible Russian-speaking countries. The Open Qualifiers should be open to all contestants.

The eight invited teams are:

NL LowLandLions
NL Bart 'blizp' Beerens
NL Joppe 'Lovesheep' Gerlings
NL Jesper 'Musashiii' Maassen

EU 4Kings
SE Calle 'kippacat' Bernsdorf
SE Simon 'Pandrum' Bernsdorff
UK Masood 'Zab' Farooqi

EU Meanwhile In Finland
FI Jarkko 'Gazhag' Velinen
FI 'Jouho'
CH Kristian 'Entarion' Dimov

EU MrDandictory
DK Niels 'Mr2' Rosenberg
SE Martin 'Dandido' Lundberg
SE Viktor 'Viktory' Corneliusson

RU Too Much Ru
RU Igor 'BCAA' Shtan'ko
RU Sergey 'Garrid' Barinov
RU Leo 'Zephyk' Strokov

SE Rasmus 'bmh' Sjöström
FI Miro 'wiki' Viik
SE Johan 'Mamutz' Munter

UA Going Bonkers
UA Vladislav 'v1st' Dubenko
UA Yuri 'NiNdzIA'
RU Michael 'Cherokke' Smirnov

EU Gunner's Fine
UK Jamie 'Verosk' Ingram
SE Jonas 'Redbullan' Åberg
SE Sebastian 'chipshajen' Widlund

The launch of the website should include all relevant schedules, rules, etc. All qualifications will be streamed at by TAFA; whether English-speaking streaming will happen is not known.



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