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SK LoL looking for video editors!

By J 'JammeH' M
Feb 25, 2012 14:29

ImageOur Editorial Team is nearly complete and we're now on the look out for some talented video editors!

League of Legends is a primary area of focus for SK Gaming in 2012 and as a result we will be increasing the level of coverage and content relating to the game on the website. In line with this the SK Gaming website is looking for fresh blood to join the editorial team and help provide the community with the latest news, game update information and unique content. This time we're looking for video editors to join the roster! Find out more below.

Minimum Standards of Applications
Just for people to get an appreciation of the standard of editor we are looking to recruit please check out this video from ProtatoMonster. If you are unable to produce something of a similar quality, your application will not be considered.

SK Gaming League of Legends Video Editor

Job Purpose
The League of Legends editorial team are looking for several applicants to produce specific video content for SK Gaming. If successful, editors will be required to produce regular video content based on scene news, whilst also working with our League of Legends team to create exclusive video content for our members.

Job Responsibilities
1. Report to the League of Legends Lead Editor
2. Produce League of Legends specific video content for SK Gaming including:
a. Coverage surrounding online and offline events
b. Updates on community news
c. Updates on official League of Legends news
d. Exclusive in-depth features with our players including (but not limited to):
i. Guides
ii. Interviews
iii. Promotions
e. Exclusive interactive features with players from other gaming organisations
3. Represent SK Gaming at all times through the following (but not limited to):
a. Website Activity – including moderation.
b. IRC Activity
c. Facebook Activity
d. Twitter Activity
4. Feedback to the Leadership Team with suggestions and improvements for SK Gaming.

Job Requirements
1. Able to dedicate enough time to fulfil the job responsibilities in a timely manner
2. A passion for eSports and in particular League of Legends

Candidate Application Process
Email with the following information

1. Position Applying For:
2. Full Name
3. Age
4. IRC Name
5. Location
6. Tell us about how much time you’d be able to dedicate to the job.
7. Tell us about your experience including examples of past work.
8. Tell us why you want the job.
9. Tell us exactly what you’d be capable of producing for SK.

Apply via the jobs page



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