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Drama Llama? Saintvicious & Max

By Michelle 'MrOw' Anderson
Feb 22, 2012 09:58

ImageA dispute between EHOME.MAX and CLG.Saintvicious, the gist of it.

During a recent session of high ELO ranked games on the US server, US Saintvicious of Counter Logic Gaming met with CNMAX of EHOME . The drama between them occured as Max who was playing Veigar afked during the game due to not getting blue buffs. The second game started with Max as #1 in charge of the ban/pick. He subsequently banned Teemo, Fiddlesticks and Karma, which many people thought were troll bans. He then picked Taric and asked for solo mid, while another player picked Cassiopeia.

Saint was obviously nonplussed at this and reported to Riot about MAX' behaviours and he was sentenced with a 24 hour ban. MAX did not find Saint's actions were justified and posted on a populous Chinese forum stating the situation, here are the translations.

EHOME.MAX (1st to the left):
"While ranking on the US realm, I was in a game with Saintvicious and Lapaka. The game started off with me as Veigar solo mid ganking bot and helped Ezrael at bottom to kill their jungling Udyr who had double buffs, but I died during the process. The second buff Saint said he won't give it to me and I accepted it since I died. However I did not get the 3rd, 4th and the 5th blue buff, and the 6th one Lapaka took it while killing golems as top solo. I was angry at this and said go 4v5, I'm going to afk. After that, Saint became very rude and started to insult me, my English wasn't very good but I could still see it was very rude. After that, I fully afked and he got his fans to call for Riot banning me. I'm 2270 ranked as #1 and he was 2070 ranked as #5, I also killed their Vladimir so many times and he won't even give me one blue buff after my first death? Some people said I also afked the 2nd game, but I did not, I played all the way until the end. I did swear at Saint during the second game however so the ban is still justified."

After I talked with Saintvicious in game regarding this matter, he was at first unaware but agreed that a statement explaining the situation is needed, he did display some displeasures with MAX' actions both in game 1 and game 2. He then realeased this statement on his facebook.

"Ehome.MAX says on Chinese forums that I am racist to Chinese because he got banned after he afked and trolled me two games in a row. I am not racist to the Chinese and I am in fact good friends with many of the Chinese players. Mikako (iG.Tabe) specifically is probably one of the nicest players I have ever met. I appreciate my Chinese fans as well as all my fans from every country."

What do you think about this situation? Who's being the irresponsible one here?

Max' statement (Chinese):
Saint's statement:



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