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Fatal1ty talks to MrE

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Feb 21, 2012 20:30

ImageThe legendary Fatal1ty has been interviewed by MrE of ESReality.

US Jonathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel, famed Quake III, Unreal Tournament 2003 and Painkiller champion, has been interviewed by UK MrE, a once well-known writer for ESReality and TDM player for UK MisterMen. Fatal1ty speaks on topics such as his status as a competitor, how his style changed over the years and which game he isn't good at.

If Fatal1ty would like a potential Quake 5 to be like QuakeWorld:

"I enjoyed PainkilleR because it was so much like QuakeWorld, fast and action packed with acrobatic fighting. I believe the railgun really slowed down the game. The faster the game, the more excitement and more of the raw skill comes out. Hit and run tactics became very boring, so if Quake 5 was like QuakeWorld, that would be amazing!"

On the kind of game which can pull big numbers in the West:

"Right now I really enjoy playing Battlefield 3! Game is amazing, because you have jet airplane dog fighting, tanks vs tanks and infantry vs infantry. Then after all of that, all three of those aspects of the game interact with each other! It's almost as if you have 3 games all built into one."

His most important match:

"I feel winning the Unreal Tournament 2003 on MTV True Life really put me on the map. If I didn't win that, I feel a lot of things could have been different for me in the mainstream light."

Fatal1ty is one of the most famous duelers of all time, and still very much the public face of professional gaming for the most mainstream aspects of the gaming industry. As a Quake 3 player he won the XSi, Razer CPL, CPL Cologne 2000, WCGC and placed 3rd at CPL Holland. Switching over to AvP he won a Ford Focus at CPL Winter 2001. The next year it was over to UT2003 and he won CPL Winter 2002 and placed 3rd at ESWC in 2003.

After some time away from competition Fatal1ty remerged to compete in Painkiller, coming on strong as the CPL World Tour played out month-by-month. At the Grand Finals he came back from the lower bracket to defeat the legendary VoO. In the Quake 4 days he again made a comeback, this time managing to finish 2nd at the WSVG Finals in 2006, behind toxjq. Since then he has not competed at the top level in any duel game.




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