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TECHLABS: SK and Na`Vi to final

By Natasha 'tashaa' L
Feb 17, 2012 22:46

ImageSK Gaming and Natus Vincere have marched on into the final which will take place in Moscow on March 18th.

Both of the semi-final matches were played tonight, first of which being UA Natus Vincere against SE Fnatic . The first map of the night was tuscan which saw the Ukrainians starting out solidly on the Counter Terrorist side, winning five rounds consecutively until things started to turn dark for the team as the Swedes woke up and took eight rounds in an interesting fight back. The first half ended 9-6 in fnatic's favour. Going into the second half the Swedes carried on in their stride by picking up pistol round, but the Na`Vi proved to be too strong as they eventually took the map 16-12.

The next map saw the teams battle it out on train, a map where both teams proved their strength on in both halves, with the first half being a balanced 8-7 in fnatic's favour. Things didn't change in the second half as both teams battled it out in a close encounter, but it was SE Fnatic who outplayed the Ukrainians in the end by taking the map 16-14.

Dust2 was the last and final map which witnessed SE fnatic picking up the pistol round and the first three rounds. However, the first buy round from Na`Vi saw them step up their game by successfully eliminating every member of fnatic quickly, with their impressive CT side continuing to end the first half 10-5 in their favour. Going into second half, the Swedes once again proved their strength in the pistol round and managed to pick up four rounds consecutively until Na`Vi got their second buy round. It was game over for the Swedes as the Ukrainians went on to win all the remaining rounds needed to take their second map and head off into the final.

TECHLABS semi-final
SE Fnatic 1:2 UA Natus Vincere

SE SK Gaming met UA KerchNET in the next semi-final match and started on train. The favourites to win SK had little problems annihilating their opponent starting CT side after having lost the pistol and managed to take the first half 12-3. A quick and easy pistol round ended the dream for KerchNET as SK managed to take the 4 rounds needed to secure their first map win, ending the map 16-3.

The last and final map of the night was inferno which saw KerchNET start on terrorist side, where they managed to successfully gain entry into the B site to plant the bomb leaving SK unable to retake. Four more rounds were secured consecutively until SK managed to put a round on the scoreboard, with the next couple of rounds being exchanged evenly. At 8-3 on the scoreboard, SK started to bring it back by winning three more rounds to take the score to 8-6. The final round saw KerchNET once again entering the B site with the round going their way, putting the first half score at 9-6.

Going into second half SE SK successfully took the pistol round on terrorist side giving them the much needed boost to win the map. The next rounds of SK were unfaultable with not a single round being lost to their Ukrainian enemies as they took the 10 remaining rounds needed to win the map 16-9, guaranteeing them $5,000 in prize money.

TECHLABS semi-final
SE SK Gaming 2:0 UA KerchNET

SE SK Gaming will now face the IEM6 GC Kiev winners UA Natus Vincere in the final being held in RU Moscow on March 18th. Both teams have guaranteed themselves at least $5,000 prize money which goes to second place, with the team who wins the final being awarded $10,000.



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