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SK Ocelote: Can't imagine top3 w/o my team

By Scott 'aBhorsen' Parkin
Feb 16, 2012 11:52

ImageSK.LoL's influential team captain, Ocelote was interviewed by where he speaks about the past, present and future.

Post IEM-Kiev the SK Gaming LoL team had a shuffle in their line-up, this change has also co-incided with an improvement in their recent form. took this opportunity to speak with the team captain, ES Carlos 'ocelote' Rodríguez Santiago.

Now if you would have to make a top3 not taking SK Gaming into account, how would it look like and why?

"Can't imagine a top3 without my team there. Anything I could say would've been a lie."

The big "thing" at IEM Hannover will probably be the abscense of as they're showing potential in the recent cups such as kings of Europe. Due to all the crazyness that happened between the bermuda triangle mTw, AL and CLG they aren't able to attend the event. You think they should've been here? And if so would they perform in your opinion?

"Many teams beat many teams online. We'll see what happens in offline events, which is what really matters. I feel like taking down any of the teams that are going to Hannover would be totally unfair, cause they actually made offline efforts to reach it. is an awesome team, like many others you can find online."

The full interview can be found here.



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