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Tabe, The Chinese ADC Prodigy

By Michelle 'MrOw' Anderson
Feb 13, 2012 08:04

ImageInterview with Tabe of Chinese Team iG, he's the AD carry of his team and will be participating IEM finals at Hannover, he talks about his team, WCG experiences and his hopes for IEM.

I have already brought you guys an insight into the Chinese scene through an interview with Jingxi 'Misaya' Yu of World Elite . This time I will be interviewing Tabe of Invictus Gaming , another one of the 3 Chinese LoL giants.

Hello, thank you for doing this interview with SK Gaming, could you please introduce yourself to those who might not know you?

Nice to meet you guys I am AD carry from iG. I've been to the top 10 in solo queue from US client and my ID is iG.MikakoTabe.

You are part of the new Chinese e-sports giant Invictus Gaming, how would you describe your relationship with the management and do you think that under them you have found your perfect niche?

iG has Starcraft2 team and DOTA teams. While iG DOTA is the current #1 in the world we have the Chinese qualifier champion XiGua too. We are doing our best and looking forward to becoming champions at IEM in Hannover. Our club supports us with computers, networks and all other facilities they we might need to use, they give us so much and we really want to thank them.

2011 has ended, you have proved yourself both within China and internationally that your team is a force to reckoned with. What are your general feelings about 2011 as a pro-player?

We loved and enjoyed the games in WCG 2011 really much. We did our best to beat three teams in the first round and we proved to ourselves that we can compete with foregin teams. I love the game that we fought against Canada, it was the first time that we faced a poking comp that we had never seen in China. We've learnt a lot from WCG 2011.

It's obvious that the highlight for you in 2011 was WCG then. WCG is definitely the biggest e-sports event, being such a young team, you did rather well in your group stage however ended up losing afterwards. Was it simply strategical errors or were you outplayed in terms of skill? Also do you find any differences in playstyles between European and North American teams?

It was neither strategical errors or being outplayed. That was the first time our team had to face a poking comp. Our plan was to let HotshotGG pick nidalee, while using GP to counter him. But we underestimated AP nidalee's power. Hm...actually they were quite similar in terms of picks but EU teams have better cooperation I guess.

2012 has started already and iG seems very strong with a very stable team, what are your goals this year?

Our goal is to have a better performance at the IEM finals. We know that we are not capable of taking first but we will be trying very hard to prove ourselves.

ImageYour group for IEM is A with teams such as CLG and Dignitas, as well as the Chinese team WE. Do you have confidence in making it through? Do you think IEM's 2 groups system is fair or should they use 4 groups of 3?

I think 4 groups of 3 is better, but it won't make a big difference because the winner must be the best of the best. We have the confidence to make it through but still the teams in Group A are very strong. We haven't played with CLG for a long time, while WE is the best team in China now. Dignitas is really strong too but I'm not sure about their performance since Jatt has left.

Can you explain iG's strategical plan in general and describe your role in the team? Also describe how your team is set up please?

Well our team prefer strategies which involve global, well half global champions now. We like champions such as Twisted Fate, Pantheon, Gangplank, Nocturne, Karthus, etc. You get the picture, we can respond to ganks as well as dragon/tower push very fast and effectively annoy our opponents. Our team is made up of Wh1t3zZ (AP Mid), iLLusion (Jungle), Xiaoxiao (Solo Top), Chris (Support) and me as AD Carry Bot.

Since you play the ADC position can you tell me what's your preferred champion and why? Also what do you see as the current strongest adcs now and why?

I love to play Sivir and Ezreal for early lane dominance. I think they are the best AD carries if they can maximize their early game performance.

Any final comments?

I would like to thank IG for providing us with a wonderful environment for training and housing, and thank you for all of our fans that support us that much.

Current CN Invictus Gaming Roster

Captain/AP Solo: CN iG.Wh1t3zZ
ADC: CN iG.MikakoTabe
Jungle: CN iG.iLLusion
Top Solo: CN iG.Xiaoxiao
Support: CN iG.Chris

SK Gaming would like to wish team iG the best of luck at IEM Hannover and hope that they will bring us outstanding games for our viewing pleasures.



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