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BoA: Groupstage finished

By Brian 'qntm' Krämer
Feb 11, 2012 13:12

ImageThe first matches at Battle of Amsterdam are already played. This news is going to be updated regularly.

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Group A
Match 1: UK apeX.Pro 2:1 UK Karma.MW3
Match 2: NL Team Excellence 2:0 NL Ice for Free
Match 3: UK apeX.Pro 2:0 NL Team Excellence
Match 4: UK Karma.MW3 2:0 NL Ice for Free
Match 5: UK apeX.Pro 2:0 NL Ice for Free
Match 6: UK Karma.MW3 2:0 NL Team Excellence

1. UK apeX.Pro
2. UK Karma.MW3
3. NL Team Excellence
4. NL Ice for Free

Group B
Match 1: UK Team Syndicate 0:2 ES Pain Gaming
Match 2: UK Infused 1:2 ES Pain Gaming
Match 3: UK Team Syndicate 1:2 UK Infused

1. ES Pain Gaming
2. UK Infused
3. UK Team Syndicate

Group C
Match 1: NL Team Kermit 1:2 ES Comando Elite
Match 2: NL Team Kermit 0:2 FR Epsylon (ex mythiX)
Match 3: ES Comando Elite 0:2 FR Epsylon (ex mythiX)

1. FR Epsylon (ex mythiX)
2. ES Comando Elite
3. NL Team Kermit

Group D
Match 1: NL Team Xpress 0:2 NL Who are we?
Match 2: NL Team Xpress 1:2 NL Visual Pro
Match 3: NL Who are we? 2:0 NL Visual Pro

1. NL Who are we?
2. NL Visual Pro
3. NL Team Xpress

Group E
Match 1: PT 3DMax 1:2 DE Eyes On You
Match 2: PT 3DMax 2:1 NL Wij schrijven dit op
Match 3: DE Eyes On You 1:2 NL Wij schrijven dit op

All tied up

Group F
Match 1: UK Artic Empire 0:2 DE dzs
Match 2: UK Artic Empire 0:2FR eXtensive
Match 3: DE dzs 2:1 FR eXtensive

1. DE dzs
2. FR eXtensive
3. UK Artic Empire

Group G
Match 1: UK VYE :12 UK Brutality
Match 2: UK VYE 2:1 UK Team ZEN
Match 3: UK Brutality 2:0 UK Team ZEN

1. UK Brutality
3. UK Team ZEN

Group H
Match 1: DE apeX.Ger 2:1 NL Pokemon4life
Match 2: DE apeX.Ger 2:1 UK eNigma
Match 3: NL Pokemon4life 1:2 UK eNigma

1. DE apeX.Ger
2. UK eNigma
3. NL Pokemon4life



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