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Tossgirl's Medic Date with Flash

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Feb 11, 2012 04:59

ImageAs part of her 'Medic Date' interview series BW God Flash spoke to Tossgirl about his return to active competition, his recent form and his rivalry with Jaedong.

KR Young Ho 'Flash' Lee is the latest subject for Tossgirl's 'Medic Date' series of interviews. The intervew sees the famous female Terran progamer interviewing KT Rolster 'Final Boss' and #1 player in the world Flash about his recent form and his rivalry with Jaedong, amongst numerous other topics.

The damage playing causes to Flash's hand:

"Flash: Because my hand is relatively small, I have to stretch quite a bit to reach the higher numbers on the keyboard so the skin there tears often. They tell me that I should frequently apply hand cream but when would I find time to wash my hands and apply hand cream while I practice?(laughs) So that's why that area tears quite a bit. Although it hurts, there's nothing I can do. (laughs)"

Asked if it's lonely at the top:

"That's also true. You know it well (laughs). Honestly, there is a lot of pressure at the top. It's solitude that is unlike any other solitude. I always have to look out for my back in case somebody will catch up to me. It's not true to say that the strong-minded never feel threatened or nervous. That's called being emotionless, and I question whether you can call those human.

I have all kinds of thoughts in my head. I fear my fans shunning me for disappointing them, and it is so so difficult to watch them feel down after I disappoint them. On the days before finals, I often shudder at the thought of coming in second. I think it's inevitable, no matter how strong your mindset is, to feel that way; it's only human.

However I don't like to share these thoughts with others so I often come off as emotionless. I think that has added to my loneliness. I just hope people don't forget that I am human too."

Flash's rivalry with KR Jaedong:

"My dream is for JD and me to be called the greatest rivals of e-sports. Regardless of the field of competition, the greatest ones often have the greatest rival. If we both try our best, I believe we can surpass the Lim-Jin-Rok with our Lee-Ssang-Rok. I hope both of us can remain as players who perform consistently."

If it's true Flash has so much money he has dozens of bank accounts:

"Not yet, but whoever decides to marry me won't have to worry about our finances (laughs). We will be a lovey dovey family living in a $2million mansion."

Flash is arguably the greatest Brood War player in history. Starting out as a prodigy Flash made the semi-finals of his first individual league, Daum OSL. As a 15 year old he became the youngest OSL champion in history, winning the Bacchus 2008 OSL and defeating Jaedong, Bisu and Stork (the other members of the TaekBangLeeSsang) en route to the title.

Following that period Flash suffered a slump period in the OSL/MSL. While he was able to win the GOMtv Invitational, GOMtv Classic S3 and carry KTF in Proleague he was unable to make more than one more Ro4 appearance up until late 2009. After going on a record-setting TvT run Flash made the finals of both leagues, winning the Ever 2009 OSL and losing to Jaedong in the final of the NATE MSL. Flash made the final of both leagues for the next two seasons in a row, a feat never before accomplished.

In the next four finals he would only lose once, missing out on his first attempt at the golden mouse (a trophy awarded for winning three OSL titles) to EffOrt. In three straight finals against Jaedong he won two MSLs and an OSL, earning that elusive golden mouse. Flash won the WCG gold medal and Winners League and Proleague with KT Rolster. Flash had won everything one could win in the elite world of BW in a single year.

In 2011 Flash won his third MSL title to secure the golden badge (the MSL equivalent of the golden mouse) and tie NaDa for the most individual league titles in history at six. He is now referred to as 'God' and considered above even the legendary bonjwas. His ELO rank peaks for every matchup are unparalleled.

Source: TeamLiquid

(Photograph courtesy of dailyesports)



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