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Kucher and h4cker to Virtus.Pro

By Natasha 'tashaa' L
Feb 10, 2012 14:40

ImageAfter the disbandment of DTS earlier, Emil 'Kucher' Ahundov has announced that he will team up with Virtus.Pro along with Roman 'h4cker' Abramov.

RU have now regained a full roster after the acquirement of RU Roman 'h4cker' Abramov and UA Emil 'Kucher' Ahundov after being a three man roster for a number of months. Abramov rejoins the team after he was removed just before WCG 2011, while Ahundov joins the team after becoming a Free Agent due to the disbandment of UA DTS .

UA Emil 'Kucher' Ahundov said the following in a statement to Virtus.Pro:

"Hello! When I learned that the DTS will cease to exist, I was deciding whether I should continue playing. I was contacted by LeX and offered to play for I didn’t need to think too long before I happily agreed, as this team has Hooch, who is my good friend and a great player, and other players that I know well also. I know that it will not be easy at first, but I'm very motivated to achieve victory and I’m ready to put in all the effort needed to achieve it."




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