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SK, mTw, fnatic and ex-FX speak on KODE5

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Feb 7, 2012 14:40

ImageSK, mTw, fnatic and ex-FX have issued a joint statement regarding the collective total of more than $75,000 in prize money owed by KODE5 from its previous events.

SK Gaming, fnatic, mTw and ex-Frag eXecutors are today issuing a joint statement regarding unpaid prize money from past KODE5 events, and the organiser's repeated failure to communicate in a transparent manner towards a reasonable solution for all.

The last significant international tournament for KODE5 was in 2009 and with events like ESWC taking a lot of public flack for not paying prize money KODE5 went unnoticed and unspoken about.

Joint statement to the esports community regarding KODE5

Dear Gaming community,

It is with great disappointment we today feel obliged to confirm our failures in securing our winnings from KODE5 in 2011.

After numerous unsuccessful attempts to secure our prize winnings through the normal channels, we feel that we are left with no other choice but to present our findings and story publicly.

KODE5 have shown no intentions of fulfilling their commitments and reaching an agreeable solution, and after learning that last year's winners are in the same position, we feel it is necessary to inform the community.

In the few replies our management have received from KODE5, the only common theme is that we keep being asked for more time in order to sign new sponsors to clear any back-dated money owed.

We all appreciate and have the biggest respect for companies struggling in the Gaming industry, but we can not just sit and watch when a tournament organizer repeatedly fails to pay promised prize funds to the winners, and yet still continues to plan and hold events.

Since 2010, KODE5 are now left with only one main sponsor, BitFenix. The interesting detail that is not visible to many is that the same people are behind BitFenix, as KODE5. We also believe that would suggest that the KODE5 owners invested in BitFenix, something we can not understand as they are unable to pay money owed. At the moment KODE5's estimated debt, to the teams, exceeds $75,000.

There is indeed a strong feeling amongst us of being deceived by KODE5 and a distinct lack of truth and visibility. Our teams invested both time and money to attend their events, but so far we have just ended up disappointed.

At this stage we sadly realise our chances of seeing the missing prize money are now microscopic. We hope that our efforts are not in vain and those responsible for KODE5 take notice. Let us all learn from this and look forwards to a more professional gaming scene, where the winners get what they rightfully deserve.

Money owed by KODE5:

Fnatic: $25,000 from 2009
mTw: $20,000 from 2008
SK-Gaming: $10,000 from 2009
ex-Frag eXecutors: $5,000 from 2009

Best regards,

The management and players of Fnatic, SK Gaming, mTw and ex-Frag eXecutors.

(Photograph courtesy of fragbite)



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