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The Invoker returns

By Hendrik 'chsn' De Backer
Jan 20, 2012 11:19

ImageAnother Thursday equals another Dota 2 update, the Invoker joins the hero pool.

He's finally here, the Invoker is ready to turn the competitive scene upside down. It seems just like yesterday when he made his first come-back into the Dota world. While he did not seem to be the imbalanced hero he once was, he still remained a very strong pick being able to use 10 spells and was used a lot in the competitive scene. Now Valve and Icefrog decided to throw him into the Dota 2 world where he'll reign once more.

Besides adding the Invoker, the last two added heroes (Spiritbreaker and Silencer) received some balance and bug fixes as to be expected. Valve has also started to update the UI and in game community pages. While the game receives regular updates, the user interface was usually left out and did not receive any particular visual updates. This changes in the current update, while the changes seem minor, the game already seems a lot more inviting to play. Another addition are the Dota 2 profile pages where your best heroes are displayed as well as all the recommendations you received from other players.

Check out the full changelog here.

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