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IEM VI Kiev Day 1: A1.2 TSM vs. Curse

By Jonathan 'Rouffious' Rouffa
Jan 19, 2012 14:59

ImageSecond game of the day: Team SoloMid vs. Curse Gaming

TSM managed to get to the CyberArena in Kiev and their first opponent in the tournament was Curse Gaming, read on for the recap.

US Team Curse Academy bans first: Kennen/ Morgana/ Soraka
US Team SoloMid bans: Maokai/ Yorick/ Karthus

US Team Curse Academy picks first: Sona/ Rammus, Graves/ Leblanc, Irelia
US Team SoloMid picks: Skarner, Cassiopeia/ Vayne, Janna/ Wukong

Top: Irelia vs. Wukong
Mid: Leblanc vs. Cassiopeia
Bot: Sona, Graves vs. Janna, Vayne
Jungle: Rammus vs. Skarner

The American meta-game showed from the start as Crs moved into the top lane river brush. TSM moved into the enemy jungle to ward the blue. Crs stole the blue after taking the wolves first. Irelia and Rammus went for the enemy wraiths and red buff. Irelia left Rammus to it moving into the top lane coming across Skarner who was moving into his own jungle. A little bit of damage went around mostly on Irelia who had to move back.

Skarner went to his own blue but as TSM put a ward down in the brush there they knew what was happening there. TSM moved in almost taking out Skarner who gets saved by a Janna shield. Janna doing some amazing play as she saved most of her team. Leblanc got extremely low as well, her passive got popped. Close fights there but no first blood.

Good effort from Cassiopeia who ganked the bot lane trying to catch Sona in an ultimate but Sona flashed out just in time turning the fight towards Crs, in came Leblanc who picked up first blood on Cassiopeia.

New fight on the bot lane where Wukong teleported in and with the help of Vayne and Janna Crs picked up Sona and Rammus. Vayne died on Crs side with Irelia porting in quite late. Score is tied by this action 2-2.

Crs went in on the dragon, TSM knew but decided not to go in as Rammus is all the way on the other side of the map. Dragon went to Crs which evened out the gold difference.

Gank by Rammus on Cassiopeia who flashed out. Skarner moved into top but Irelia noticed him going in. He lingered around a bit but eventually he decided to fall back as Irelia was being careful.

First tower went down in favor of TSM it was the tier 1 bottom tower. Leblanc moved in right after the tower was taking down, big burst on Vayne but she got out alive. Top tier 1 tower fell simultaneously

Tier 1 mid tower got destroyed as well leaving Crs 3-0 behind in towers but 1-0 ahead in dragons. Score is still 2-2 after 18 minutes of playtime.

Irelia picked up Wukong on the top lane but his death was not in vain, he got the tier 1 top tower for Crs. Meanwhile dragon gets stolen by Skarner and in the following fight Crs gets slaughtered, Vayne seemed to be getting away recalling at the tier 3 bottom tower but in came Leblanc and Vayne got bursted down. Score after this carnage is 7-2 in faovr of TSM, Crs having 0-2 in dragons, for towers it's 3-1.

Tier 2 bottom tower went down on Crs side. TSM took the baron at 24 minutes. Crs moved in but a bit unsure, wards went down, Wukong jumped in but had to flash out again, Skarner got melted, Irelia jumped over the wall towards Crs, Cassiopeia flashed into the baron pit trying to steal the baron but it failed with eventually TSM picking up the baron, getting 2-1 in kills and a tier 2 mid tower to follow. TSM was 6k gold ahead after this eventful fight.

26 minutes, TSM took the dragon and the game just kept on rolling into their favour.

TSM went for the tier 3 tower on the bottom lane, Crs couldn't stop them, they managed to keep the inhibitor alive for a while but they had to give it up as well when Skarner got bursted down by Leblanc and had to fall back.

Cassiopeia got captured at the wraiths and in the follow up fight TSM picked up 4 kills for nothing, score is now 14-3 for TSM who moved into the tier 3 tower and inhibitor, they managed to get a nexus tower as well but then they fall back.

11k gold ahead, TSM moved onto the top lane where the last towers stand. Janna almost got bursted down by Leblanc. Skarner felt confident moved in on TSM, Wukong followed but it just doesn't matter anymore. 15-3 is the end score and TSM take the nexus.

Second game of the day won in favour of TSM.



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