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fnatic officially adds Moon

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Jan 17, 2012 21:04

ImageLegendary WC3 player Moon ("The Fifth race") has officially joined fnatic as a member of their SC2 team.

Fnatic has officially announced the addition of KR Jae Ho 'Moon' Jang to their StarCraft2 team. The announcement was made on fnaticTV in conjunction with MrBitter and RotterdaM in the ESL-TV studio, as they revealed the player they would be signing by showing off a video of a speeddrawing of the player, who turned out to be Moon.

The announcement itself was pretty underwhelming for fans as fnatic had attempted to follow the model of organisations like EG, in teasing their announcement with clues and a specific date countdown, but ended up indirectly giving away the identity of the player in their early promotional material.

The organisation released a 16s long video of the first player of the player potrait speeddrawing. All it showed was the outline of the head, the top of some clothing and the lower mouth area. Within hours a TeamLiquid user (Equalize[R]) and rakaka had figured out who the player was by matching up photographs of Moon with the drawing. In the case of the TL user he had even managed to find the exact photograph the drawing was based off, with the shape of the top of Moon's jacket perfectly lining up with the image.

Nevertheless fnatic continued with their teaser campaign, releasing a video 24 hours before their announcement with information that it would be made with MrBitter and RotterdaM at 20:00 CET today. The moon, as in the satellite which orbits the Earth, was seen in the background of the video.

KR Moon gave the following statement to the fnatic website:

"I am very content and it is an honor to join one of the most globally renowned esports orgnaization, team Fnatic.

Because I have been extremely meticulous in regards to my decision to join the team, I will try to stay determined to remove my weaknesses and persevere to become a better player and also a player who can support the team when it's needed.

Furthermore, I would like to show my full gratitude to the fans who have been both following and observing me for a long period of time. I will try to meet your expectation values via performing as well as possible in various events. I sincerely ask for all of your attention and support.

Lastly, I would like to say special thanks to the former director of wemadefox e-sports team, Mr. Hyun Suk Shin, and Mr. Brian Hyun Choi who provided substantial amount of help for this incident to occur and allow me to have another opportunity in my career in esports.

Thank you."

Moon is legendary for his success in WarCraft III. The NightElf player won the Esports Awards for Best WC3 player, Best Korean player and Player of the year in 2008. His career saw him winning the first two seasons of WEG in 2005 and IEST in 2006. The player who became known as "The Fifth race" would become a mainstay fixture of the elite level in the game for years to come.

In 2007 Moon embarked on a now legendary run, winning over $130,000 as he took down victories at WWW 2007 Season I, GameX, WWW 2007 Season II, WSVG China, WWW 2007 Season III, Dreamhack Summer, WWW 2007 Summer Grand Prix, Digital Life 2007 Am and IEST 2007. The same year he also placed 2nd in PGL Season I, 2nd at e-Stars and won the bronze medal at the WCG.

Moon continued to maintain high placings in the future, though nowhere close to 2007's level of domination. In 2008 he won the Silver medal at the WCG, losing to rival Grubby in the final. In 2010 he finished 2nd at ESWC, losing to team-mate Lyn in the final.

Moon generated much attention not only for his success but also his progaming contracts. When he joined MYM he was reported to earn a high four figure monthly salary. In 2009 he signed a three year contract with South Korean proteam WeMade FOX worth ~$650,000 over that period of time. WeMade FOX disbanded in the latter part of 2011, leaving him teamless.

During his time in WeMade FOX he began practicing and competing in SC2 upon its release, dividing his time between the new game and WC3. His first forays into competition saw him finally qualify, under the name "Liberty", for GSL Open Season 3, where he lost to JinrO in the Ro32. In GSL January Code A he made it to the Ro8 before being taken out by team-mate Lyn. His GSL results were disasterous following that, as he lost in the first round of both GSL March Code A and the Super Tournament.

In March Moon managed to place 2nd at the IEM V World Championship, losing to Ace in the final. In June he attended MLG Columbus and made a run to 8th overall after beating SjoW and July but losing to MC. At Dreamhack Summer the South Korean Zerg scored another runnerup finish after wins over White-Ra, NaNiwa and Bomber before the finals loss against HuK 2:3.

Source: fnaticTV stream and fnatic



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