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Ocelote: "League of Legends has nothing to fear!"

By Jonathan 'Rouffious' Rouffa
Jan 17, 2012 15:54

ImageVenturebeat had a chance to interview our very own Ocelote! Here's a little recap, you can read the full interview on the link below.

During his stay in Vegas (CES 2012) ES Carlos 'ocelote' Rodríguez Santiago had a lot of things to do, besides playing some games and talking to the fans he was also able to give out an interview to Venturebeat/Gamesbeat.

Here are some of the questions Ocelote answered, you can find the rest of the interview here.

GamesBeat: So you don’t expect any serious competition from Dota 2, or Blizzard DOTA?

"Rodriguez: I don’t think so. When Diablo III comes, when Dota 2 comes or whatever, it’s like… People will keep playing this game, because… It’s funny. It’s like, going into a casual game, then going into a really serious game. What happens, there’s been so much money invested into the e-sports part of this game, the money’s everything, so the game is going to be an e-sport no matter what. So many companies are investing money into it, that’s the thing. League of Legends is going to remain."

GamesBeat: What is it about the gameplay of League of Legends that you think is the secret ingredient?

"Rodriguez: I think it’s the team spirit, the team play. But there are so many factors together. I feel like, if you are good enough, if your game is good enough… If you get matched up against a good team, okay, if you play good enough, play the perfect game, the perfect score, you can carry the game alone. But at the same time, if the opening team is losing in terms of kills, they can still come back and win the game with good team play, with teamwork. It’s a bunch of things together that make the game very enjoyable for a pro player."

GamesBeat: But aren’t those all things that Heroes of Newerth or Blizzard DOTA would also have?

"Rodriguez: I don’t know… The thing is, I played all off them. Well, I didn’t play the Blizzard game, I didn’t play that, but… I think all of them are kind of the same, okay? They are probably more skilled, probably, I’m not going to lie to you. But for the viewer, it’s not as entertaining."




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