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MC leaves oGs and joins SK full-time

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Jan 13, 2012 16:49

ImageHomeStoryCup IV champion MC has left oGs and joined SK Gaming as a full time member. The two time GSL champion will represent SK in all tournaments in 2012.

KR has left team KR Old Generations and joined KR SK Gaming full-time. Previously MC had represented SK Gaming in tournaments outside of South Korea and oGs in Korean tournaments, such as GSL. Now MC has moved out of the oGs house and signed with SK Gaming as a full member of the organisation. There is no longer a deal between oGs and SK.

Whether you know him as the Protoss President, the Kratos Protoss, Boss Toss or even flounder, all that matters is that you call him SK MC from now on! Expect to see MC competing in both GSL and tournaments outside of South Korea in 2012.

KR MC gave the following statement upon joining as a full member:

"First of all I am really happy that I am a full member of SK Gaming. I think it is a big opportunity for me and a good start for 2012. I will work hard for SK and do my best for my new organization. I will try to bring good results for SK."

SK Gaming SC2 manager DE reis added:

"MC is already a legend of SC2 thanks to his accomplishments already, winning GSL titles etc. Now we hope he can increase his legendary status as an SK player and help create some of those epic moments in our uniform both in Korea and the rest of the world. I'd like to take a moment to say thanks to oGs for participating in our great cooperation with us and NaDa, who I had a great time with.

MC has already done a great job as a representative for SK, winning Copenhagen Games and HomeStoryCup IV, so we're looking forward to supporting him in Korea as well, as he fights to try and win a third GSL title. MC is good friend of mine so this move makes sense for everyone. Let's have a great year together MC and SK fans!"

Photographs of MC in his new SK Gaming gear: (click to enlarge)

MC shot to worldwide fame with his victory in the third GSL Open season, winning $87,500 after beating Rain 4:1 in the final. In GSL March Code S he became the first GSL repeat champion, taking his second title with another 4:1 finals result, this time over legendary BW Zerg July. A 4th at the GSL World Championship was followed up during the same month with event wins at the Dreamhack Stockholm Invitational and Copenhagen Games.

In the Summer MC travelled far and wide, taking down 3rds at MLG Columbus and HomeStoryCup III as well as a runnerup finish at NASL S1 finals. In his IEM debut at IEM VI GamesCom MC managed another runnerup finish, also at the hands of NASL nemesis PuMa. Despite a dip in form over the next month or so MC began to build back his form, finishing 2nd at MLG Orlando, 6th at MLG Providence and 3rd in the GSL Blizzard Cup.

In his first event of 2012 MC won the HomeStoryCup IV, defeating Sound 4:0 in the final. That was only one of his two series sweeps in the playoffs. MC's tournament run was highly impressive, as the monster Protoss player went 20-6 in maps. In the first round he swept Nerchio 3:0, edged JYP 3:2 in the semis and then took down the last Korean in his path in the final. That also meant MC had won playoff series against all three races on his route to the title.

MC is second in the all-time SC2 prize money standings with $236,750. He is the only Protoss player in the top 10.



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