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EG to release 1.6 squad?

By Natasha 'tashaa' L
Jan 6, 2012 22:41

ImageRumours are arising than Evil Geniuses will no longer support a 1.6 CS squad, this comes a week after UMX.US announced that they had lost their sponsor in the form of ZOWIE.

It’s thought that the US Evil Geniuses organisation will not renew contracts for their Counter-Strike 1.6 division, which comes after a series of disappointing results. A post made earlier on the ESEA Premium forums by the teams leader US Andrew 'Irukandji' Timmerman, confirmed that the team was no longer competing in the same way, due to himself having to focus on studies and therefore defended US Paul 'pauLy' Guerboyan’s decision to leave. The post was on a controversial thread indicating that Guerboyan only left due to the loss of sponsorship for the team.

Timmerman’s post:
"Pauly left after it was made clear to him that the team would no longer be competing intact; that was my doing as I retired due to starting dental school in a few months and I no longer have time to devote to playing competitively. There are also numerous other reasons I won't post here as to why most people are vastly uninformed about the past year for us.

Pauly didn't screw anyone of us over in any way and was actually extremely loyal the entire time he was on the team”

The team also recently forfeited the ESEA season shortly after the loss of Guerboyan, due to a failure in finding a suitable fifth. This is the first time that a team supported by Evil Geniuses will not be in the ESEA LAN finals, after they have won the last five consecutive seasons.

This move adds more indication that US Evil Geniuses will not be able to attend IEM 6 Global Challenge Kiev later this month, if this is the case then the next in line to take their spot will be UA Natus Vincere .

Source: ESEA



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