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IdrA 1on1 1/3: "didn't respect [HuK]'s play"

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Dec 24, 2011 22:57

ImageZerg star IdrA talks about his rivalry with HuK, his trajectory as a BW player and whether Flash, Jaedong and Bisu should stay in BW or leave for SC2.

American Zerg star US Gregory 'IdrA' Fields of EG is featured in a three part SK Gaming 1on1 interview series. IdrA spent time as one of the only foreigner BW pros on a proteam, CJ Entus, in South Korea before switching over to SC2. He is now considered one of the best foreigners and Zergs in the world.

In part one IdrA discusses the differences between SC2 and BW, his rivalry with CA HuK and Blizzard's approach to game design with SC2.

How much dislike was there in the IdrA-HuK rivalry prior to HuK joining EG? What didn't he liked about HuK's style of player? Will Terran ever be turly nerfed by Blizzard? How much of the balance in BW was good fortune?

How close does IdrA think he was to getting onto the A team of CJ and playing in Proleague/OSL/MSL? Is it possible for the all time great BW players to ever reach the same level of brilliance in SC2 in terms of the game allowing for it? As a fan would IdrA like to see KR Flash, KR Jaedong and KR Bisu stay in BW or leave for SC2?



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