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A day with SK - thank you for joining us

By Jens 'JPW' Wundenberg
Dec 26, 2011 21:39

ImageAlbeit a little delayed, we would like to say thank you to all those who joined us at A day with SK - read on for some first-hand impressions.

As a first of its kind, we hosted 'A day with SK Gaming' less than a month ago at the esportsarena in Stockholm, Sweden, as a chance to meet and greet the stars of our Counter-Strike team and win great prizes provided by all our partners.

We tried our best in keeping you guys busy and entertained as we hosted one major Counter-Strike tournament with our players being the team's coaches as well as various other shootouts and competitions, most notably our 'smash your old, get a brand-new Sensei' event that was desperately anticipated by most of our visitors.

To cut a long story short, we would like to say thank you to all those who came to see us for such a great event, thank you to Inferno-Online for providing the setting and, last but not least, thank you to all our partners for making this possible and providing thousands in hardware prizes.

Below a brief summary of William Pettersson, the Australian that won the 'Win a Trip to Stockholm' competition by Kingston Technology, who joined us at Inferno Online.

"Who would've thought that an Australian would end up at the opening of a new esports arena at Inferno Online, Stockholm, Sweden. But I was there, partly thanks to Kingston and SK Gaming. I arrived by train into the middle of Stockholm, and was greeted by something which was definitely not the Australian summer I had left behind. My first task was to find Inferno Online, which was rather easy. The directions were simple, and soon I had arrived. And the first thing that ran through my head was "Wow this place is big". Actually, that was also the second, third and possibly fourth thing running through my mind, too. I'd never seen anything like it before. Hundreds of computers and game consoles lined up, ready for action. Being a bit of an StarCraft 2 fan, I managed to lose myself in a few hours of Starcraft 2 before really getting to meet the team from SK Gaming.
Next was a quick visit to my hotel for the night (also part of the prize package). And this was a rather fancy hotel, too, no expenses spared. However, I soon returned to Inferno Online for an afternoon of Counter-Strike, and some mouse smashing. It might've been a viking thing, but these Swedes were very enthusiastic in their smashing of mice as part of the ongoing ceremony, and many more prizes were handed out before we left for dinner, and some much needed sleep.
Sunday was a much calmer day. Of course, there was still gaming going on, but I was treated to a nice tour of Stockholm before I had to catch my train and eventually make it back home."

Looking forward to seeing you again in 2012! For more pictures, see our A day with SK Gaming album.






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