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WCG: SK outplay M5 as T, final vs. ESC next

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Dec 10, 2011 10:59

ImageSK overcame troublesome rivals M5 in a 2 map semi-final series to reach the third WCG final in the organisation's history, where they will meet ESC.

SE SK Gaming have beaten RU Moscow Five in two maps to reach the WCG 2011 Grand Final. Their opponents in the final will be PL ESC Gaming , setting up the dream final both based on the participants list for this tournament and historically. SE f0rest vs. PL NEO for a gold medal, f0rest's first or NEO's third. This marks the third WCG final in the history of the SK Gaming organisation.

The WCG 2011 final will be at 3am CET on Sunday.

WCG 2011 semi-final:
SE SK Gaming 2:0 RU Moscow Five
-16:14 nuke (T 6:9 CT 10:5)
-16:10 inferno (CT 7:8 T 9:2)

Throughout 2011 M5 have been a team who have always caused problems for SK and upset their natural rhythm. That seemed to be the case on map one as M5 weathered the early storm and kept winning to take nine rounds over to the T side of nuke, a tricky task ahead of them but still one they at least had a chance at. The game was back and forth and when it reached 13:13 each team was on a knife edge. The 29th round saw a 1v2 that Fox was unable to win, leaving M5 to try and force overtime with deagles. They were unable to and SK won map one to take the series lead.

The second map being inferno was a warning sign to SK to be on their Ps and Qs, being as it was the map M5, as, surprised the Swedes on to start their rivalry. SK looked good early on but M5 gained momentum more and more as the half progressed and their attacks into A continued to work, including winning some 1vX situations with bomb planted at the bracket side of the site. With M5 taking an 8:7 lead they knew that a good CT performance could take them to a third map.

Despite losing the pistol round SK won the very next round to begin their comeback. From there on out SK were barrelling forwards and continually got the better of the Russians in the crucial moments. After a strong eight rounds from the first 10 SK had themselves on the brink of the final and it came with the very next round, M5 unable to win a 2v2 with AWPs in A.

WCG 2011 final:
Sunday 03:00 CET SE SK Gaming vs. PL ESC Gaming

This marks the third WCG final for RobbaN, following silver medal efforts in 2006 and 2008, and the second for f0rest and GeT_RiGhT, who famously lost to AGAiN in 2009. SK as an organisation has now made three WCG finals, 2003 saw Potti & HeatoN's lineup win the gold over US Team 3D and 2008 saw RobbaN & walle fall short to DK mTw.



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