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Liquid adds Zenio

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Nov 23, 2011 03:53

ImageTeam Liquid has added long time Code S and oGs Zerg Zenio to its lineup.

Team Liquid has officially added KR Jung-Min 'Zenio' Choi to its lineup. The former KR oGs Zerg was apparently suggested to Liquid by oGs coach KR TheWind after the ex-oGs player had left the team due to feeling like the environment was not helping his play.

Liquid manager NL Nazgul explained:

"Upon hearing about this opportunity from TheWind, I was immediately intrigued. Ever since Liquid began its partnership with oGs and I went to Korea to meet the players and coaches, I have liked Zenio a lot. Together with MC, Zenio has been one of the friendliest and most outgoing oGs members towards me and the Liquid players. He has some of the best English among pro-gamers, which is something I think everyone will notice soon. He was one of the core members that made oGs what it is today, possessing a combination of work ethic, skill and personality that allowed him to headline their Zerg lineup for over a year. Zenio himself had no interest in joining any other Korean team, but was excited about the opportunity to stay within oGs-TL. After many hours of talking with TheWind and Zenio we knew that signing Zenio was the right move."

Liquid Terran SE JinrO:

"Zenio has always been one of the most impressive players to watch in SC2. For instance, when one of his bases is about to be overrun, you can be sure that he will have transferred his drones away just in time, to mine at a new Hatchery that completes right as the drones arrive.

MVP has called him the best ZvT player in Korea, and while people who have only seen his most recent games might be surprised by this, nobody who has played him in practice is."

Liquid Zerg SE HayprO:

"During the weeks when I was in Korea, Zenio, MC, and Ensnare were the ones to beat during the daily ranking matches. They would always get top three. With Zenio joining the team I expect him to not only raise our skill level but also inspire everyone to work harder by example. I am looking forward to being able to discuss strategies and watch his replays again, and also meet him at future events."

Zenio has played in every season of GSL and remained in Code S for all of them except November's, always getting through his up-and-down matches if he ran into a bad season. He has made it to the Ro16 in four GSL seasons, including a Ro8 finish in S2 which saw him losing only to the eventual champion NesTea. Zenio is perhaps most famous for his battles with IdrA, who seems to openly despise him. Zenio is 6-0 vs. the American Zerg and after his GSL S2 win performed a now infamous throat-slashing ceremony.

Source: TeamLiquid



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