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The Defense Preview (2/3)

By Hendrik 'chsn' De Backer
Nov 22, 2011 08:40

ImageIn this second part of our current running series about The Defense, we talk about Group B with teams such as Natus Vincere and MUFC. SK|Ryze features once again, having his say about the group.

With the Group of Death taken care of, it’s time for Group B in this second part of our preview. As in our previous part, we have Christoffer Borregaard 'Ryze' Winther giving his own thoughts about Group B.

Group B
AU Natural 9
NL Gods of DOTA
SE youBoat
DE Just 4 the Tournament
UA Natus Vincere
MY Invasion MUFC

While Group A is probably the hardest group, Group B could have a more predictable outcome. Natus Vincere and Invasion MUFC look like the obvious Favorites while Just 4 the Tournament is the Underdog. The other teams will have a hard time getting that third spot, although Natural 9 has played some great matches recently.

Favorites Group B:

UA Natus Vincere
UA Daniil 'Dendi' Ishutin
RU Sergey 'God' Bragin
RU Dmitry 'LighTofHeaveN' Kupriyanov
EE Clement 'Puppey' Ivanov
UA Alexander 'XBOCT' Dasjkevitj

Natus Vincere is the team to beat with a 1st place at The International and a recent 1st place at ESWC 2011 in Cologne. Most of Natus Vincere 's players have a long history in Dota, including legendary forum posts by Dmitry 'LighTofHeaveN' Kupriyanov. Most consider Alexander 'XBOCT' Dasjkevitj as the best carry at the moment while Daniil 'Dendi' Ishutin is the most popular professional streamer. It's safe to say these guys will bring home one of the top spots in The Defense.

MY Invasion MUFC
MY Raymond 'Sharky' Wong Kie Yong
MY Lee 'Ky.xY' Kong Yang
MY Wai Cheong 'Ling' Sim
MY Wai Pern 'Net' Lim
MY Daniel Wei Khit 'TFG' Wong

Invasion MUFC is one of the better Asian teams out there, with a 1ste place at the WCG Asia Championship 2011 beating EHOME and Mineski . As this championship is played online, server delay will have its impact on their performance. Expect these Asians to perform strong as the Asian community is coming up big, it remains to be seen how much their play will be affected by playing online.

Underdogs Group B:

DE Just 4 the Tournament
DE Dominik 'Black^' Reitmeier
DE Kevin 'Kev-' Stegeman
DE Leon 'moods' Wolf
SE Tim 'XoYnoZnU' Lundell Johansson
DE Peter 'Y0rik' Lichman

What's in a name, this team is just for the tournament. The team certainly has a lot of talent, having a lot of the very best Germans playing for them. Dominik 'Black^' Reitmeier and Tim 'XoYnoZnU' Lundell Johansson recently joined up at GamersLeague with papa Kim 'Drayich' Larsson. Since GamersLeague is currently practicing for the upcoming Dota 2 Star Championship in Kiev, some of Just 4 the Tournament 's players won't have The Defense set as their main goal.

SK|Ryze on Group B:

DK Christoffer Borregaard 'Ryze' Winther:
Group B got 2 of the strongest teams in the tournament; Natus Vincere and Invasion MUFC . Natural 9 has proven to be able to compete on a high level. Just 4 the Tournament is a German mix consisting of some of the best German Dota players throughout history. I feel the 3rd place will go to one of them. Gods of DOTA and youBoat have shown good play in Dota1 in the past and are obviously able to put up upsets in this group. Dante 'walleater' Rönnlund's Shadow Fiend is excellent, but the current metagame doesn't work in his team's favor and with the limited hero pool, Gods of DOTA 's captain Paul 'DeadMaGe' Manders is not able to take advantage of his often versatile drafts, which is why despite being good teams I put them in the bottom of this group.



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