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SK Gaming signs ex-monkeybusiness

By Samuel 'DarthBotto' Horton
Nov 12, 2011 03:07

ImageSK Gaming may now announce that we have signed on a premier Dota 2 team, consisting of the Danish players from the team previously known as monkeybusiness.

For those who have known SK Gaming, or else the DotA scene, over the last few years, you may remember our dedication and achievement within the scene with our Swedish squad that consisted of SE Kim 'Drayich' Larsson, SE Jonathan 'Loda' Berg, SE Erik 'Bogdan' Olsson, SE Joakim 'Akke' Akterhall, SE Tommy 'toMpa' Andersson, SE Edvin 'KwoM' Börjesson and SE Gustav 'Renji' Bergström. After gaining a reputation as a worldwide force that was able to claim victories at notable events, including ESWC 2008, the team departed and disbanded and we have not seen a team that would return the SK tag to this particular scene. That changes today, however, with the announcement of the SK Gaming Danish squad, that has previously played as DK Quantic Gaming and before that, DK Next Evolution ESC .

This particular squad is relatively new, but has already made its mark upon the DotA/Dota 2 scene with performance outcomes that include a gold medal at the Nordic-eSports Dota Challenge and a silver medal at the Intel Challenge: Supercup #9. The team made its Dota 2 debut alongside fifteen other specially-invited teams at The International, where they were not given the opportunity to show their full potential. The team fared better, however, at ESWC 2011, where they secured a fourth place, after two intense matches against UA Natus Vincere and RS GamersLeague . The team got back at the Serbs, however, along the way to a first-place victory with The Clash BenQ tournament.

Statement from coach DK Andreas 'eatenfish' Windahl:
"The boys and I are extremely excited about the chance to work with one of the oldest and most prestigious esports organizations out there. It’s not a secret that we have had tough luck with sponsors in the past, but in SK, we have finally found the reliable and loyal organization we have been searching for! And we couldn’t have found a better fit! SK has always been about working hard to become the best, which fits us perfectly! We will be working very hard to live up to the SK brand and towards our goal of becoming THE best Dota 2 team.

We would like to thank SK Gaming and our sponsors; Toshiba, SteelSeries, Kingston, Sansibar Sylt, Roxio and Gamed - for giving us this great opportunity."

DK SK Gaming
DK Martin 'AngeL' Olsen
DK Alexander 'CalculuS' Rathcke
DK Sylvester 'LINK' Hoelgaard
DK Mikkel 'miGGel' Berg
DK Christoffer Borregaard 'Ryze' Winther

The SK Gaming Dota 2 squad is standing by to compete in The Defense #1 tournament organized by joinDOTA. They will make their first live appearance in two weeks at DreamHack Winter 2011.

Photo Credit: GosuGamers



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