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Fnatic acquires 4GL

By Samuel 'DarthBotto' Horton
Nov 7, 2011 20:48

ImageFnatic rejoins the DotA scene with the acquisition of a top Serbian Dota 2 roster.

Fnatic has had a mixed history with the DotA scene, having maintained a variety of players from different regions and games over the years. The first iteration consisted of an Indonesian team, consisting of ID Romi 'melen' Gunawan, ID Sugiarto 'BaHaMuT' Cahyadi, ID Ritter 'RitteR' Rusli, ID Ariyanto 'Lakuci' Sony and ID Jeffry 'Neo' Lu. This team was dismissed in 2009, but quickly replaced with a Swedish roster that included former SK Gaming players SE Jonathan 'Loda' Berg and SE Edvin 'KwoM' Börjesson. This roster lasted until the end of said year, from which the players would make their stand as a team with Blight Gaming, which resulted in unfortunate ramifications. Fnatic now looks to make its mark in Dota 2, with the acquisition of the now-former RS GamersLeague team, which recently secured a third place medal at ESWC.

Included in this deal are players RS Marko 'BAJA' Jovanovic, RSNenad 'grizine' Lukic, RS Gordan 'g0g1' Prosic, HR Damir 'Mitch' Skaricic andRS Andreja 'ANdre' Mahovic. Not included in the acquisition is GamersLeague player LB Rani 'BABARRR' Al-Hajj and manager RS Urosh 'MrUrKe' Krvavac, whose spot has been inherited by Fnatic's general manager, RS Danijel 'StreeT' Remus. GamersLeague's current plans for Dota 2 remain unclear and have yet to be commented on.

Statement from Fnatic General Manager RS Danijel 'StreeT' Remus:
"It's our first time picking up a squad from Balkan and we are looking forward to prosperous cooperation. DotA 2 is developing fast and and our organization want to be on top of this great game in every tournament ahead. With recent results this very talented team attracted our attention and negotiation process went quickly and smooth."

Statement from RS Andreja 'ANdre' Mahovic:
"Speaking on behalf of my whole team, I want to say that we are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with one of the best e-Sports organizations there is. Ever since the DotA 2 closed beta started, we have been practicing really hard in order to improve and be one of the best teams. With FnaticMSI, I think that this way to the top will be much easier for us, and I am happy to see that my team is finally able to commit 100% of focus to practicing and training."

Fnatic will make its debut in Dota 2 with The Defense, a €10,000 online tournament hosted by

RS Fnatic EU
RS Marko 'BAJA' Jovanovic
RS Nenad 'grizine' Lukic
RS Gordan 'g0g1' Prosic
HR Damir 'Mitch' Skaricic
RS Andreja 'ANdre' Mahovic

Source: Fnatic



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