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ChriZ about MW3

By Brian 'qntm' Krämer
Nov 5, 2011 13:53

ImageThe youngest member of SK's Call of Duty line up Christian ChriZ' Zuber took some time for an interview about the upcoming release of Modern Warfare 3 and the team's expectations.

Welcome ChriZ! Nice that you have found some time for us. Please introduce yourself to the readers first.

"Hi, my name is Christian 'ChriZ' Zuber, I´m 17 and live in Forchheim, which is in Germany. Playing competitive for several years now, I finally have the honor to play under the flag of SK Gaming."

You are the newest member of SK’s Call of Duty line up. How is it feeling ?

"Great, of course. I´m teaming again with my former CoD 4 team mates and our chemistry is as good as it was in the good old times. Moreover, I have the chance to play for DE , what every competitive e-Sport player is dreaming of. I will really enjoy the release of MW3 and to start up with the team successfully!"

You mention the release of MW3. The tension is rising. Everyone is looking forward to Modern Warfare 3. What do you expect of the upcoming Call of Duty?

"The whole team is very excited about it. I hope that the maps and the weapons are balanced like in CoD4. In the few last parts of CoD there was only one weapon to play with because the others weren't balanced. So nobody could play with them, for example in BO you could only play the AK47 as AR. I'd like to see Demolition being replaced by Domination, as it is a lot more competitive. Maybe it is also possible to reunite the European and North American Call of Duty scenes with this game. Of course I also hope that our team can achieve good results for SK Gaming."

Yeah, this would be important for you, as the team wasn’t quite successful in Black Ops, except at the beginning of it.
So which lan tournaments are you most looking forward to and what other aims do you and the team have for MW3?

"The team's and my aims are quite the same. We want to become one of Europe´s best teams and achieve good results at lan tournaments like EGL or Reflex GT. In my opinion, everyone in the team is motivated and will do the best for the team. We really can´t wait anymore to show our talents in the new game."

This won’t be an easy task, as there are a lot of top teams. Which teams do you expect to be the strongest at Modern Warfare 3?

"Yeah that won´t be easy. Just to say some top teams: UK Fnatic who recently won EGL London or FR mythiX eSport , UK Infused Gaming , UK eNigma and UK team.foreign. It will be really difficult but with our motivation and enough practise it can be possible to beat them."

True. Not to forget UK apeX.eSports .UK by the way. Can you tell us something about the in-game roles within the team, yet? Who is objective player, who flag runner etc.?

"Of course apeX is also a strong team. It´s hard to say something about the in-game roles, because the game isn´t released, yet. So we don´t know how maps are built and how they need to be played. But I think DE Milan 'MiLiX' Mladanovic will be our flag runner, CH Michael 'QuiCky' Bühler the second SMG and DE Kevin 'raidN' Kreutzberg and me playing AR. But to say the exactly roles of each one is quite impossible at the moment."

Ok. Thank you for taking the time for an interview! Some last words from you?

"You're welcome. Yeah I hope that erveryone enjoys MW3 and that we'll all have a good time with the new game. Also thanks to SK Gaming for still believing in the team and for giving me the chance to play under their flag."



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