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minet: "I am stopping as well"

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Nov 2, 2011 23:46

ImageAfter mTw announced the release of their CS team minet has posted saying he will stop playing CS.

Hot on the heels of mTw announcing the release of their CS team DK Oliver 'minet' Ari Minet has stated that he will be joining DK ave in retirement from professional competition. It was strongly suggested in zonic's interview that he will be retiring, but there has thusfar been no official word from ArcadioN and trace on whether they will continue or not.

In the thread of comments below the news minet said:

"Hey everyone. I just want to inform you that I am stopping as well."

When asked if ArcadioN, trace and zonic will continue to play:

"I don't know if trace and zonic are going to continue. :)"

Asked for clarification if ArcadioN will keep playing but without trace and zonic:

"To the extend of my knowledge, yes."


minet joined up with mTw in October of 2009, replacing the outgoing MJe. He was previously a player for Mirror/p00nhandlers and PlayZeek.

minet's accomplishments with mTw

2009 CN WCG (3rd - Bronze)
2009 SE Dreamhack Winter (2nd)
2009 SE Arbalet Cup Europe (2nd)

2010 SE Arbalet Cup Europe (3rd)
2010 SE Dreamhack Summer (1st)
2010 FR ESWC (3rd)
2010 DE SEC (2nd)
2010 SE EPS Nordic II (1st)
2010 US WCG (2nd - Silver)
2010 SE EPS Nordic III (1st)
2010 SE Dreamhack Winter (2nd)

2011 DE IEM V European Championship Finals (2nd)
2011 DE IEM V World Championship (3rd)
2011 DK Xperia PLAY (3rd-4th)
2011 SE Dreamhack Summer (2nd)
2011 KR e-Stars Seoul (4th)

Source: 1, 2 and 3



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