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Team Evil Geniuses Partners with SlayerS

By David 'Holy_KR' Kim
Oct 21, 2011 22:16

ImageOne of the powerhouses in international Starcraft 2 Evil Geniuses has just announced a partnership with the Emperor's team SlayerS.

After just the recent announcement of Quantic Gaming and Team Incredible Miracle it seems that Evil Geniuses wants a piece of the Korean gaming pie, and has announced its partnership with team SlayerS, one of the most prestigious and successful teams in Korean Starcraft 2.

Several key parts of the press release include US Gregory 'IdrA' Fields and
UK Benjamin 'DeMusliM' Baker will soon participate in Code A qualifiers, and also that
CA Chris 'HuK' Loranger and KR Ho Joon 'PuMa' Lee will be living immediately in the SlayerS pro gaming house. This will give both HuK and Puma incredible practice from SlayerS' various players but also wise guidance from SlayerS_BoxeR himself.

Evil Geniuses' Statement is Below:

"LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA. – October 21, 2011. – Today Evil Geniuses (EG), North America’s premier professional gaming team and a world leader in e-Sports, is excited to announce the company’s end-of-year plans for its popular StarCraft II team.

As of today, Evil Geniuses will be entering into an official training partnership with world-renown Korean StarCraft II pro team SlayerS in a relationship which will see EG’s top players, including HuK, IdrA, PuMa, and DeMusliM, train in the SlayerS house in Seoul, South Korea – an environment ideal for producing world-leading talent. Additionally, Evil Geniuses is pleased to announce that Beyond Gaming, a software solutions company, recently announced as a premier partner of EG for 2011 and 2012, will be expanding their support of the team by becoming the official sponsor of the EG training house in Phoenix, Arizona.

“We’re so excited for this training partnership,” explained Alexander Garfield, CEO of EG. “SlayerS was by far our first choice for a Korean team to align ourselves with, and we’re so grateful to Jessica and BoxeR for allowing our players to train in their team house. We’re feeling very optimistic, and we’re looking forward to seeing our players benefit greatly from living in the world’s best practice environment. Between the SlayerS house, and the EG Lair, now powered by Beyond Gaming, we feel that EG’s players now have access to Korea and North America’s best respective training facilities.”

“We couldn’t be happier to continue our relationship with Team Evil Geniuses and what better way than to Power the EG Lair,” stated Tony Legeza, CEO of Beyond Gaming. “The opportunity to be involved with the premier North American StarCraft II training house is a very exciting position to be in. The training ground has already proven to be of great value to the team and we look forward to seeing it provide great value to our business as well.”

Effective immediately, the SlayerS house will be the primary place of residence for EG.HuK and EG.PuMa, who will still train in the EG Lair – now powered by Beyond Gaming – prior to North American and European events. EG.IdrA and EG.DeMusliM, who will both be competing in GSL’s Code A in the near future, will also reside in the SlayerS facility while in Korea. This, however, will be on a less permanent basis, as the EG Lair will remain home to both of them."


With the EG partnership with SlayerS this could possibly be one of the strongest and most talented partnerships to be created among the Western teams and Eastern teams. This truly calls for an international presence in Starcraft 2 where both the West and the East will collide for an exciting eSport expereience all around the world.



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