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SteelSeries: 'NaDa - The Genius Terran'

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Oct 15, 2011 12:04

ImageSteelSeries spoke to BW bonjwa and SK Korean representative NaDa in a lengthy interview about his home life and career.

SteelSeries have published another of their lengthy interview articles and this time the subject is SK Gaming's KR Yoon-Yeol 'NaDa' Lee. NaDa's profile as one of the most successful esports competitors of all time is established and then the interview begins, with the OSL golden mouse winner discussing his history and competitive nature.

The introduction:

"It is a rare sight to see an active athlete become a legend; you have to be a Wayne Gretzky or a Michael Jordan to do that. They transform the game, take it into a new age and they scoop up titles along the way. In eSports we have Lee Yun Yeol, otherwise known as NaDa. In the most competitive eSports scene in the world, the South Korean StarCraft: Brood War community, NaDa has retained a top 30 status for 87 consecutive months. That is over seven years as a top eSports athlete, in a game where top players usually fade after two to three."

His family's perspective:

"My Father wanted me to become a judge and both of my parents wanted me to use more time on my books than in front of the PC. But I had so much fun playing StarCraft: Brood War I that I couldn't stop. Despite a lot of arguments with my parents I kept playing StarCraft: Brood War I."

Discussing non-Korean players:

"The style that some foreign players have, is very different to the play style that I am used to on the Korean ladder. I know that I will do better in the near future when I have become used to traveling and playing in foreign tournaments. "

NaDa is most famous for his BW results of three OSL titles and three KPGA Tour titles, along with an additional four finals appearances across the OSL and MSL. In SC2 he has been known as one of the few stable figures in GSL Code S.

Source: SteelSeries



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