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SC2 in Review - VODs for September 2011

By Chris 'Ahnaris' Old
Oct 2, 2011 19:15

ImageThis week we continue the struggle between DeMusLiM & Axslav, plus new match sets featuring SK.NaDa, HerO, DongRaeGu, and PuMa!

'SC2 in Review' is a weekly feature which runs down the VODs of StarCraft 2 games commentated by Ahnaris every seven days so everyone can get all their SK Gaming SC2 VODs in one place.

Six games included for this week, with race indicators in each title. Pick and enjoy!

DeMusLiM v Axslav G2 - TvP - G2

Match 2 begins on Metalopolis where Axslav opens 1 gate expand while DeMusLiM shows a 2 rax opener, but changes to something completely different!

SK.NaDa v PuMa G1 - TvT - G1

Game one takes place on Xel'Naga Caverns. Will this be a mech vs mech matchup, or will we see "Sky Terran"?

SK.NaDa v PuMa G2 - TvT - G1

After the interesting events in G1, G2 opens with mech style play and contains lots of back-and-forth harassment.

SK.NaDa v PuMa G3 - TvT - G3

With the finale taking place on Dual Sight, tension is high as both players open with what looks to be mech, but changes as time goes by. Who will come out the victor? This video tells all!

DongRaeGu v HerO - PvZ - G1

The best-of series begins with Testbug, DRG opting for 13/13 and Hero choosing 1-gate expand.

DongRaeGu v HerO - PvZ - G2

With match 1 down, we move onto Shakuras Plateau with a 14/14 opener for DRG & forge fast expand for Hero.

Next edition will feature coverage of games from the most recent MLG!



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