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IEM 6: anexis out after three-way tie

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Oct 2, 2011 13:26

Imageanexis have been eliminated from IEM 6 Guangzhou despite having the same number of wins as the two teams progressing from Group A and equal round difference to eFuture.

Group A of the IEM VI Global Challenge Guangzhou has seen SE Fnatic progress in first place but CN eFuture put through in second under highly controversial circumstances. The group ended in a three-way tie, with two of the teams on identical round difference, and yet DK Anexis has been eliminated. The admin in charge of the decision ruled, based on ESL's rules, that anexis went out on a head-to-head comparison with only anexis, despite the three-way tie.

Group A final standings:
SE Fnatic 2W-0D-1L
DK Anexis 2W-0D-1L
CN eFuture 2W-0D-1L

AU Immunity 0W-0D-3L

Significant results of Group A:
DK Anexis 16:14 SE Fnatic (tuscan)
SE Fnatic 16:10 CN eFuture (nuke)
DK Anexis 12:16 CN eFuture (train)

Round difference totals:
SE Fnatic (-2 and +6 = +4 overall)
DK Anexis (+2 and -4 = -2 overall)
CN eFuture (-6 and +4 = -2 overall)

In the significant games of the group stage DK anexis first defeated SE fnatic, who then defeated CN eFuture and finally CN eFuture defeated DK anexis. This setup a three-way tie where head-to-head could not be used to decide the winner of the group since all of the teams had beaten AU Immunity and thus were sat on two wins but with a win over each other, in the classical A>B>C>A system.

The standard procedure is to then decide who goes through on round difference based on the three teams games against each other. This would have left fnatic on +4 round difference, anexis on -2 and eFuture on -2. As a result fnatic would go through in first and the Danish and Chinese team would remain tied. At this point though ESL switches to counting the number of round wins between only the two Danish and Chinese teams, meaning eFuture progressed in second.

On page 18 of ESL's IEM Season V rulebook, which is from the previous season, it reads as follows:

"3.20 Ranking
The Ranking is primarily decided with regards to the number of points that a participant has amassed during the season.
A participant will earn 3 points for winning a match, and 1 point for drawing a match. The below ranking priority will
come into effect if 2 or more teams are on equal points. If at any point, the number of tied participants is reduced or
divided into several groups of tied participants, the still tied participants will in each case be compared again starting
with the first point.
· Points amassed between the participants themselves ('Mini-League')
· Score difference between the participants ('Mini-League')
· Score (number of wins in the Score Difference) between the participants ('Mini-League')
· Overall score difference
· Overall score (number of wins in the Score Difference).
· If after all 5 points the teams are indistinguishable, a decider match or matches have to be played, in an attempt
to separate the participants in question. In special cases, the tournament direction can rule on a different way to
determine the order in an unsolvable tie (i.e. coin toss)."



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