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BLC to appear at Dreamhack Winter

By Maik 'Onin' Biekart
Sep 30, 2011 12:24

ImageOn the latest Round Table, 2GD confirmed Bloodline Champions is 99% guaranteed to appear at Dreamhack Winter 2011.

Appearing last Tuesday on Semmler's Round Table show, James "2GD" Harding, until recently the esports manager for Bloodline Champions, confirmed with 99% certainty that Dreamhack will be hosting another tournament for Bloodline Champions this winter.

"We've got the prize money, Dreamhack probably has the space, I have the PCs, we've got the people at the event," insisted Harding. "It's only Dreamhack that has to say yes, but I'm pretty sure that they will."

Due to this late confirmation, the structure of the tournament might be a bit hectic, as there won't be any time to host invitational tournaments beforehand, as happened for Dreamhack Summer. Instead, it will likely be a more personal invite system: Harding asks sponsored teams to get in contact with him to handle the access to the LAN and the booth computers. Tournament seedings will then be based on a group stage beforehand, and there will once again by a BYOC qualifier to give the sponsorless players a chance to compete as well.

Lastly, payouts will probably be more broad, rather than top 3 only, in order to give more teams incentive to attend. Whether the prize pool will improve upon the Summer tournament is yet to be announced.

(Source: VoDs 9:00-25:00)



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