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forGG enters Starcraft 2

By David 'Holy_KR' Kim
Sep 29, 2011 21:38

ImageStarcraft: Brood War powerhouse forGG has decided to enter the world of Starcraft 2, playing for the team Old Generations or oGs.

KR Ji Soo 'fOrGG' Park, is a decorated Brood War player who's biggest achievement was winning the 2008 Arena MBC Game StarLeague, defeating arguably the "bonjwas" of the modern Starcraft: Brood War scene KR Young Ho 'Flash' Lee 3-1, and dominating the Zerg Monster KR Jae Dong 'Jaedong' Lee 3-0 in the finals, he would also remain to the be the only player in the MSL to defeat Jaedong in a best of 5 series back in 2008.

However, after his dominating run in the MSL, he would soon go in a major slump and was unable to recover until much later after his win in the 2008 MSL. After careful thought it was announced that forGG would be retiring, at the very young age of only 20 years old, at least in pro gamer terms.

Though, his retirement would not be long as it was recently announced that he has decided to pursue a pro-gaming career in Starcraft 2 with team oGs, and would take on the the name "Fin" for his alias. There were many rumors that forGG would be playing Starcraft 2 very soon, with HuK even saying on stream that the opponent he was playing was forGG.

A translated news post can be found below:

"Ex-Brood War pro-gamer Park "ForGG" Jisu has joined the Old Generations progaming team, after retiring from professional Brood War earlier this year. He will be playing under the ID "oGsFin" for his Starcraft II career. ForGG cited his relationship with ex-Lecaf teammate and present oGs coach Gon as one of the factors for joining oGs.

ForGG is most famous for winning the Arena MSL in 2008, defeating Jaedong 3-0 in the finals.

Though he was never able to capture the same degree of success after winning the championship, ForGG became a solid mid-tier progamer who specialized in dangerous timing attacks. Though he was a more successful gamer than fellow ex-BW pro MVP, it is worth taking into account his cheesy play style compared to MVP's macro preferences.

ForGG was known for his theme song, The Pretender by Foo Fighters (known among Korean fans as the 'conquering song'], as it was the main theme for the Arena MSL where he won his only championship. MBCGame would habitually play the song whenever he made a television appearance."

Source: ThisIsGame Translated on TeamLiquid

It should be noted that it's been known to the gaming community that forGG had been playing Starcraft 2 since July 16 of this year, and there have been many rumors that he had made at least four accounts that achieved Grand Master status on the South Korean Starcraft 2 ladder.

Only being 21 as of this year, forGG has a very exciting Starcraft 2 career ahead of him, and with a practice house such as oGs, it is very exciting to see what this Brood War champion can do in the world of Starcraft 2.



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