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SC2 in Review - VODs for September Week 2, 2011

By Chris 'Ahnaris' Old
Sep 19, 2011 10:13

ImageThis week we've got a series between Stephano and DeathAngel and a 2-game preview of Rain v BcuzofuProS!

SC2 in Review' is a weekly feature which runs down the VODs of StarCraft 2 games commentated by Ahnaris every seven days so everyone can get all their SK Gaming SC2 VODs in one place.

Five games included for this week, with race indicators in each title. Pick and enjoy!

Stephano v DeathAngel - ZvZ - G1
The first match between these Zerg giants took place on Crossfire. The action kicked into overdrive rather quickly with back-and-forth zergling action. Standard ZvZ at the start, but ends on an interesting note!

Stephano v DeathAngel - ZvZ - G2
The second match started on Nerazim Crypts with both players spawning in near-top positions. A slight deviation in strategy led to both players making some rather creative choices to stay alive! Definitely a fun game.

Stephano v DeathAngel - ZvZ - G3
The final match took place on Terminus, a map well-known for leaning players towards aerial-based play and moderate rush distances. Which player made the critical mistake? Watch to find out!

Rain v BcuzofuProS - TvP - G1
We'll kick off this match series with a game on Dual Sight. This TvP features very strong aggression coming at a very inopportune moment for one player - be sure to watch!

Rain v BcuzofuProS - TvP - G2
This match on Xel'Naga Caverns also features an action-packed start - Will BcuzofuProS be able to make that robo work? Watch to find out!

Next edition will feature the conclusions to Axslav v DeMusLiM, Rain v BcuzofuProS, and the beginning of a new series. Stay tuned to find out who wins!



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