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Fnatic Creates Korean SC2 Academy

By David 'Holy_KR' Kim
Sep 19, 2011 02:19

ImageTeam Fnatic which has had a rather successful Starcraft 2 squad, has just announced an academy for young up and coming talent in Starcraft 2 in the Starcraft mecca, South Korea.

Fnatic has been involved in Starcraft 2 since beta, and has had many successful players come in an out of the Australian based organization. Having signed many talented players such as US Lok-Yin 'KawaiiRice' Kwong, RO Silviu 'NightEnD' Lazar, and CA Payam 'TT1' Toghyan.

They've also signed notorious Korean Terran KR Seo-Yong 'Rain' Park, and the Warcraft 3 legend FR Yoan 'ToD' Merlo, both who have had many high placings in various events such as, Major League Gaming, CraftCups, and even the Global Starcraft 2 League or GSL.

However, it seems that Fnatic wanted to expand its Korean presence, and has decided to create a Korean Starcraft 2 Academy in the hopes of establishing a significant presence in the Korean Starcraft 2 scene, where the best of the best compete.

Fnatic GM Elroy Pinto had this to say:

"Today we begin a new chapter in StarCraft 2 in FnaticMSI. We are happy to welcome 3 talented Korean amateurs into our team. Thanks to efforts of Vestige and Brian we find oursevles taking up this project where we look to develop the untapped talent available in South Korea. August, Skit & Porigo will be joined by some more players in the coming months.

We are looking forward to their progress and are very sure that they will perform to the highest standard needed to compete internationally and we will be there to support them right from their first baby steps! Please give them a warm welcome and a big thanks to MSI, SteelSeries, EIZO & RaidCall for their support on this."

Fnatic's Korean Connection Brian Choi also released a statement:

"My name is Brian Hyun Choi known as DoubleD or FnaticSpS. I have been personal manager, translator, a good friend for FnaticMSI.Rain since late June. I currently go to a graduate school in the US. Today, I am here as the inventor of FnaticMSI's Starcraft 2 Academy team - a new branch from FnaticMSI.SC2 to develop and search young and talented SC2 gamers in South Korea.

I am really content and excited to open this new project up. I believe this can be a leading step towards the globalization of the Starcraft 2 scene, or e-sports if one observes in a bigger scale. Our primary goal is to develop these young Korean players who have potentials, but have not been given the opportunity to reveal them fully.

Furthermore, I believe that this will allow the cooperation between the current FnaticMSI.SC2 pro team members and the new Fnatic.KR members, both game wise and social-life wise. I believe that Team FnaticMSI has taken a big step to become the leading member of the globalization of e-Sports. I am grateful to Team FnaticMSI for giving the opportunity to operate this new program and I will do my best with the two managers, Elroy “Noname” Pinto and Seung Hwan “Vestige” Hong to alleviate communication and management issues as much as possible to run this new team without much troublesome.

Thank you for everyone who supported this project and once again, I will give my best efforts to assist in the smooth operation of the team."


The Three New Koreans to Join Fnatic are:

Interviews of the three new Koreans can be found Here



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