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Polt separates from Prime

By David 'Holy_KR' Kim
Sep 15, 2011 01:04

ImagePrime's most successful player; in terms of tournament wins Polt has left the Prime Organization.

KR Seong Hun 'Polt' Choi is a very talented Terran player, who was given the prestigious Optimus ID, that only the successful Prime player is allowed to use. He has had a very successful career in Starcraft 2, placing reasonably well in the Global Starcraft 2 League Code S, and also winning the GSL Super Tournament, where he took home $93,000 for his efforts.

However, it seems that Polt feels as if several changes were required for his team, and has decided to leave the Prime organization immediately.

John the Translator for GomTV has graciously translated a news piece:

"Here's full translation of TIG article:

The Super Tournament Champion 최성훈 will leave OptimusPrime behind and return to Polt.

Prime coach, 박외식(GerradPrime) announed on 14th that 최성훈 is leaving Prime and will act as an indepedant player.

최성훈 has been consistently participating GSL since Open Season 1, and won first chapionship for Prime in LG Cinema 3D Super Tournament and was presented the name OptimusPrime.

최성훈 who's been in Prime for about a year, left the team expressing he wants changes and will act as an independant player.

Prime coach 박외식 said "I am thankful to 최성훈 who has been with Prime since Open Seasons, and as he's a player who is dilligent in everything, I have faith that he will continue to be competitive even after he leaves the team" and added “For now I have made this decision believing that respecting 최성훈's opinion is more beneficial, but I hope to keep good relationship withi him and have him back in Prime in the future"

As result 최성훈 will not be part of Prime in upcoming 2011 GSL Season 6 Code S which will hold group nomination on 15th."

Source: ThisIsGame Translated by John The Translator, released on TeamLiquid

Polt recently gave an interview to ThisIsGame about his reason for leaving Prime an excerpt is below:

"Question: We're curious why you decided to leave the team.

Polt: It'd be difficult for me to reveal the reason in detail, but there were personal issues. I think it'd be good to understand it as there being little differences between the way our coach thinks and the direction the team is seeking out and my own thoughts.

Question: Did you have any issues or discord with Coach Park and your teammates?

Polt: There was nothing like that. What we thought were just different, and we talked things through and I was able to decide to leave the team without any big problems.

Question: We're worried that not belonging to a team could be detrimental to your practice.

Polt: There isn't any problems. There won't be any big difficulties because it's not as if I lived with my teammates and practiced in the team house, but I practiced by myself at home.

Question: Are there any teams that offered you a position in their team?

Polt: Because I just left the team and became active without a team, there hasn't been any offers like that yet.

Question: Is there a team you'd like to join?

Polt: I'm not sure yet. But I'd like to be active in a team if possible, and I'm planning on doing my research so I won't have to leave the team and be active without belonging to a team again."

Source: ThisIsGame Translated by Milkis

IMG Source: PlayXP



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