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Jin Air OSL final this Saturday

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Sep 13, 2011 04:36

ImageThe two finalists for the Jin Air OSL are set for the Brood War individual league final which will take place on Saturday at 18:00 KST (11:00 CEST)

The two finalists for the Jin Air OSL are set as Protoss hope KR Heo Yeong 'JangBi' Moo will take on the reigning champion, Terran KR Myung Hoon 'FanTaSy' Jung this Saturday. The final will be played out at the War Memorial of Korea at 18:00 KST (11:00 CEST)

Fantasy was the first to reach the final after he defeated Hydra, champion of the MSL two seasons ago, 3:1 in the first semi-final. JangBi joined him after defeating SoO in the other semi-final by an impressive 3:0 series line. Fantasy is the favourite on paper by virtue of being the reigning champion and JangBi having been in a slump for an extended amount of time prior to this OSL.

However, JangBi was able to defeat the current bonjwa of BW, Flash, in the quarter-final, has the advantage of being team-mates with the very same Stork who was defeated by Fantasy's unorthodox strategies in the previous OSL final and possesses the all-time ELO peak in the PvT matchup.

Jin Air OSL Grand Final
KR Myung Hoon 'FanTaSy' Jung (T) vs. KR Heo Yeong 'JangBi' Moo (P)
Saturday, September 17th, 2011
18:00 KST / 11:00 CEST / 05:00 EDT / 02:00 PDT

Map order:
La Mancha
New Bloody Ridge

This OSL final is packed with interesting storylines both historically and in terms of the specific players involved. Fantasy is a Terran champion hoping to repeat but facing the potential of the infamous 'legend of the fall' which saw Protoss players upset Terrans in OSL finals in the Autumn. fantasy was even a previous victim of that 'curse' as he fell to Stork in the 2008 Incruit OSL final.

Prior to the last OSL final Fantasy had been a member of the 'Kong line' due to having only finished second in invidual leagues, in the mould of Zerg king YellOw, thanks to his two OSL silver medals. In that final he faced Stork, who had escaped from that line thanks to his win over Fantasy. By winning that OSL Fantasy effectively left the line, leaving the main name associated with it as JangBi. Fantasy is best known for his extensive preparation and creative builds.
JangBi finished second in back-to-back MSLs, to Bisu and Luxury, and also season 2 of the GOMtv invitational. He is best known for his PvT talents, in particular his incredible usage of the High Templar's storm spell.

There will be streaming links available at the TeamLiquid page.

Source: TeamLiquid
(Photographs copyright of and DailyESports)



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