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jigetus swaps roles with plastE in WinFakt

By Mark 'XOXOmark' Emmerson
Sep 9, 2011 01:06

ImageplastE and jigetus have swapped roles within WinFakt, seeing jigetus move into the core of the team while plastE takes the role of backup player.

After recently joining forces with the WinFakt organisation, the former ROCCAT lineup have announced that FI Samu 'plastE' Aalto will be stepping down as a core member of the team due to a lack of motivation and real life problems.

plastE will take the role of FI Jirka 'JiGetus' Ryhti as the backup player of the squad while jigetus earns himself a promotion into the core five of the team which marks the first lineup change of the squad since the players joined forces back in June.

FI Tomi 'lurppis' Kovanen gave the following statement:

"plastE hasn't been that motivated in the past months but I feel like as he finally started putting more effort into his individual game after e-Stars he started playing much better as well, so it's sad to see him go just as I think he could have gotten back to his old self. It's a real team player's choice to offer to step down when you know you can't practice as much as the rest of the team though.

jigetus seemed like the obvious replacement as he has a playing style similar to plastE's, is used to playing a lot of similar roles and is still young and motivated, which has worked out very well for us in both aslak & BASiC; hopefully jigetus will feel right at home and we can start performing better as a team."

FI WinFakt Fi now boasts the following lineup:

FI Timi 'aslak' Verkkoperä
FI Kimmo 'BASiC' Fagerholm
FI Tomi 'lurppis' Kovanen
FI Niko 'naSu' Kovanen
FI Jirka 'JiGetus' Ryhti

FI Samu 'plastE' Aalto (backup player)

WinFakt recently qualified for the final European IEM VI Global Challenge New York qualifier which is set to take place on September 11. The Finnish team have also already booked themselves a slot in the IEM VI Global Challenge Guangzhou event after accepting to take the slot of US Temporary who were unable to finance their trip to China.

Earlier today, WinFakt defeated DE Team ALTERNATE in a rematch of the second preliminary GC New York qualifying match with a score of 2:0 (16:8 scores on both nuke and train), however the team will have to wait until the GC New York qualifier to show off their latest addition to the core lineup.



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