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Grubby off to Korea for GSL

By David 'Holy_KR' Kim
Sep 2, 2011 20:23

ImageThe Warcraft 3 legend has his eyes set on Korea to compete in the GSL Code A qualifiers, and try his skills against some of the best.

NL Manuel 'Grubby' Schenkhuizen is already a legend in his own right for his achievements in Warcraft 3 and its expansion Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne. He would become one of the most successful Orc players of all time, and win 38 LAN tournaments, and six of these tournaments were world championships.

However, with Warcraft 3's slow death in the eSports scene, Grubby like many other Warcraft 3 pros has made the switch to Starcraft 2, with varied degrees of success. Grubby himself has chosen to play the Protoss race, and so far his greatest achievement has been his third place finish at the Copenhagen Games Spring 2011, where he would defeat experienced players such as, SE Carl Stefan 'MorroW' Andersson and DE Dario 'TLO' Wünsch.

Grubby seems to challenge himself even more, and has luckily due to his sponsors been given the chance to fly over to Korea and attempt to qualify for the GSL Code A, through the Code A qualifiers, which are notorious for being extremely difficult.

"Going to Korea for a month to train thx to u guys ;) btw anyone know when GSL Code A Nov Quals are?"

Grubby now joins several other players who are in Korea attempting to qualify for GSL Code A. They include PE Jian Carlo Joan Morayra 'Fenix' Alejo, SE Kim 'SaSe' Hammar, and US Andrew 'SLoG' An, just to name a few notable players who are in Korea as of now to qualify for Code A.



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