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SK.Doom 3 ready for action

By Ian 'iantje' F
Aug 31, 2004 00:50

A lot of people have been waiting for this announcement and this will kill a lot of rumors going around.

Here is what SK|SteLam had to say about the new squad :It has been quite some time since SK Gaming has picked up a new game and added a new squad to the family. However we are also known to have players
competing in the most important eSports games. Doom 3 certainly is a new game that fits into this category very well.

Therefore we are very proud to announce the new SK Doom 3 squad.
The Doom 3 squad will compete in the upcoming Doom 3 tournaments, such as CPL winter 2004 and the CPL World Tour.The squad consists of the following players : SK|SteLam ( Team Captain )
SK|zyz Most people will probably know these last 2 players as very skilled and ambitious players from Quake 3, where they were a dominating force together with Slinger and SteLam in unmatched. So all there is left to do is wish the new squad lots of luck and look forward to the coming events.



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