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Fenix joins Team Incredible Miracle

By David 'Holy_KR' Kim
Sep 1, 2011 21:44

ImageFenix formerly of Team Fnatic Starcraft2, has been training steadily in Korea, and has recently been signed by professional Starcraft 2 Korean team Incredible Miracle.

PE Jian Carlo Joan Morayra 'Fenix' Alejo, has been a consistent player throughout the international Starcraft 2 scene, and has arguably surprised many by traveling to Korea to compete in the GSL Team League and qualify for Code A. However, his endeavors in Code A have been rather unsuccessful losing in the first round to Protoss beast KR Jung-Hoon 'Tassadar' Kim.

Though his attempts at the Team League has been much more successful, where he was able to successfully defeat two of TSL's players, KR Kyu Jong 'Clide' Han and KR Min-Hyuk 'Heart' Kim. In the most recent Team League match against oGs-TL, he was able to complete a three kill and defeat KR Chang Ho 'Luvsic' Jo, KR Choi Yun 'TheStC' Sik, and even the Protoss President, KR .

With his recent success, and his lack of a team Incredible Miracle coach Kang Dong-hoo, jumped on the chance to sign Fenix and have him represent IM in foreign events, to successfully spread the popularity of team Incredible Miracle.

The full press release is below:

"Peruvian terran Jian Carlo Morayra (IM, hereafter Fenix) has joined IM.

IM's head coach Kang Dong-hoon announced Fenix's signing immediately after the F.United-oGs GSTL match. Fenix has been playing without a team after his contract with Fnatic ended recently.

Fenix appeared in the GSTL match wearing a Googims Company (IM's uniform sponsor) shirt. While it was not IM's official uniform it shared the same design. The secret behind his outfit was none other than "joining IM".

IM's head coach said "Fenix recently entered our team house and saw he was all right after watching him practice. I rate his willingness to learn, high level of understanding of what he is being taught and the fact he constantly analyzes replays very highly. Also, he really wanted to join IM."

The effect of joining IM was profound. In the match against oGs, he defeated Luvsic and TheSTC to claim 2 kills, not only did he achieve a good result but his actual match performance was also outstanding. He demonstrated greatly improved skill in only a few days. Head coach Kang Dong-hoon intends to use Fenix as the spearhead for IM's expansion into the foreign arena. "By training Fenix heavily and consistently entering him into foreign tournaments we will make the IM brand more well known. We will operate a foreign expeditionary squad consisting of NesTea-Mvp-LosirA-Fenix."

In other news, IM's head coach is also considering signing players from Europe/North America and supposedly is actually in contact with such a player."

Source: ThisIsGame

With Fenix joining team Incredible Miracle, this makes him the second foreigner to join a Korean team, as the first was US Trevor 'Torch' Housten who joined Team StarTale in the very early days of The Global Starcraft 2 League, but left to focus full time on working for GomTV.



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