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By Brian 'qntm' Krämer
Aug 28, 2011 23:26

Hey guys,

its been a couple of months since my last blog. Was a very curious time with many ups and downs, but now there is sth good to write about again.

You may have heard of the Call of Duty XP event, powered by Activision and XBOX 360. I've written a few news about it, so what I want to talk about is everything offside the event and maybe a flashback afterwards.

So, first of all I want to start with reviewing the German qualifiers for the XP thing at 2011's gamescom. Tbh, I was a bit sceptical whether this was going to be a success or not, as the ruleset wasn't officially announced till the day of the qualifier itself. Our luck was that I still have some contact to the community manager of who was then responsible for the qualifier. So I got the information before anyoneelse got it.

We were a little bit afraid of failing the qualifier. The problem was that I had to play the event instead of Milix, our new fourth in the team, due to him being underage. I think my skills are not bad for playing that few Call of Duty over the last one and a half year, but you can still see my unexperiencedness and always some mistakes in my aiming and movement.

Having failed the pre-qualifications for the qualifier itself on Thursday, we had to take our chance on Friday. I felt really self-confident for this day and I knew we were going to make it.
Everything went fine till the final where we had to play the former KD Gaming guys. We knew that they are able to play really good. Unfortunately, we lost CtF on Hanoi with one flag less than KD.
It was great to see that the audience was on our side. They applaused for good scenes and pushed us. Having won Demo clearly it was up to SnD. KD is really good on SnD. Nevertheless, we could take the 5-4 lead after a 1v2 by me. But it then ended up in losing SnD 5-6, which forced us to win both of the remaining maps.
Funniest thing was Tapout realizing that he had unabled aimbot before the match and was playing badly therefore. He switched it and you could immeadiatley see a change in his stats :)
We then played like we were supposed to play and made our way through the match straight to the win.
Close match with fair losers. GG KD

But now back to the topic.
On Tuesday, the 30th August, it is already time to take the flight to L.A. Flying that early we will spend some time in shopping and visiting the city with the two other qualified German teams.
'reis' is going to join us on Wednesday to support us during the tournament, which starts on Friday or Saturday (we don't really know yet) then.
It's nice that Activision not only paid our flights and hotel for the tournament, but also gave some pocket-money to each team. So we will have some extra money to spend in eating a real American steak, a big burger and some more stuff :D

We also received a timetable for Friday from Activision. It is going to be a hard two days with a lot of things to see, such as the Kanye West live act on mainstage.

I am really excited and hope it is going to be a good time.
We really want to get a top 8 placement, but in my opinion this will be difficult to realize. We are playing Modern Warfare 3, a game that nobody played before. This means it is going to be the skill of each player and not the teamwork that will decide the matches. And Tapout being quiet inactive the last months and me being the team manager usually are not the best players with great skills in aiming and movement.
So our aim is somehow far away to realize. But we will give our best to prove SK and the world that we are nevertheless a competitive team and we'll do everything to fulfill our dream of a top 8 placement. This would mean so much to us.

So all in all, this is going to be a great week, but also a difficult one, as there are so many top teams which we might face during the tournament.
I hope that you are going to be on our side and give us some pushing comments.

Cya to my next blog which will be released the upcoming days.



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