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Na'Vi.Dota 2 wins The International, $1 million

By Samuel 'DarthBotto' Horton
Aug 22, 2011 21:05

ImageNatus Vincere's Dota 2 team has made history with a series of flawless victories, resulting in the take-home of a million dollars.

Gamescom proved to be an astounding triumph for Valve and the Action RTS community, as Dota 2's public unveiling was met with a massive online audience of well over four million users at once. The DotA squad of UA Natus Vincere had an equally historic showing, as they played a nearly-flawless tournament, in which they only lost one session, but not a single match. As a result, the team secured the grand prize pot of one million dollars- the equivalent of nearly four times the total earnings of their Counter-Strike counterparts.

Na'Vi proved to be the most-aggressive of the teams, relying heavily upon the accumulated personal talent and their infamous mind games. By the time of the loser bracket final between SG Scythe Gaming and CN EHOME , Valve had already posted on their perception of Na'Vi as "rolling". Going into the grand final with a BYE match, the steamroller's only obstacle was EHOME, who managed to secure a session in the second scheduled, (first played), match. Na'Vi leveled the playing field once more, however, through two grueling hour-long matches and a final 42-minute skirmish.

DE The International Final Standings:
1. UA Natus Vincere - $1,000,000
2. CN EHOME - $250,000
3. SG Scythe Gaming - $150,000
4. DK MeetYourMakers - $80,000
5/6. CN Invictus Gaming - $35,000
5/6. RU Moscow Five - $35,000
7/8. TH MiTH.Trust - $25,000
7/8. EU Online Kingdom - $25,000

According to IceFrog, The International will return next year at Gamescom 2012. Whether or not the prize purse will match this magnitude remains to be seen.

Source: Dota 2 Blog (1), (2), IceFrog's Blog



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